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If only the world has only China!

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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He's a global superstar not because of China. He's done it everywhere with record breaking results.

by Director (140k points)

secret superstar opening day >2 X Salman cameo film opening in India may be lifetime for some movies..
hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha


Secret superstar not cameo of aamir so not compare it with salman cameo movie. Extended cameo or cameo is a different thing. And first full role of aamir not even cross 30 cr till now on opening day (one time due to dhoom series and this time due to amitabh-aamir combo) where is stardom ?


Oh really that means if we deduct the Amitabh contribution in movies where Salman was also present then Salman contribution was in minus for opening (bhaifans logic , self trollers).
hahahaha hahahaha


Well ajay I meant Aamir in a commerical movie worldwide is bigger than Salman and SRK today. That is the fact. Dangal wasn't even a full on Masala movie but you saw the results. And a no body like nitesh tiwari had no role to play either.

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Today he is more popular than jackie chan- vipul shah
And see the rankings by Chinese Popular Agency
He is no 1 foreign Actor in the world. Sultan was sold in his name and also good 9.4 ratings
Ended up being a disaster

by Second Unit Director (77.3k points)

First see the movie again in the movie aamir role around 40 min.
And opening ki baat kar stardom par wo to aamir se jayada hi hai.

Sultan - 37 cr
Ss - 4 cr even pulkit movie fr open 8 cr. Ahahahahah.


Now u are comparing with a teen centric film let me tell u 4cr opening which u are talking about is a lifetime of main aur khanna......
To see the real potential wait for another 4 weeks..........


Hahaha teen centric film excepting truth. I china also movie collect due to content and director and teen centric film not aamir ok accepting the truth. Hahaha 8 saal pahle ki film ko compare kar raha hai. Aise to maine pyar kiya ko cross karne main aamir ko 6 saal lag gaye with the help of jackie sir.


And 9.3 rating movie which is considered excellent in china was disaster from day 1 in china..
power of bhaijaan.

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He's a global superstar not because of China.
He's right now the only popular Indian star across all nontraditional markets.
He rules the nonNri market.
Overseas is all about goodwill
Srk is benefiting from that till now due to his movies with yrf and dharma.

by Unit Manager (31.6k points)



Ya good answer.

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Aamir Khan Has Given All Time Grossers And All Time Blockbusters In 15 Countries Be It Traditional Bollywood Market Or Non Traditional
Aamir Khan Is Undisputed No. 1 Overseas By A Distance Hence A Global Superstar
Accept This Fact With A Pinch Of Salt!

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

You Attention Seeking Joker When Did Srk Did 20 ATG In Overseas Show Me The Proof Jerk

You Are A Jobless Moron Who Has A Low Life Hence Spend Your Time Here Spending Negetivity And In Return You Wont Even Mind Getting Abused

Aamir Superstardom Is Acknowledged By Trade Industry And Public What You Say Doesnt Matter

Aamir Gave Multiple Atbb And Atg Without Good Content Something Which Is Dream For Your Favourite Actor And Also The Actor Whose *** You Are Trying To Lick

And Thugs Will Again Make Haters Like You Cry Like Other Aamir Movies Do


"Without good content".you go and jerk urself moron


You Bloody Jerk Just Fuckk Yourself Moron,
Aamir Gave Atbb And Atg With And Without Good Content Unlike Your Favourite

Aur Aukkad Mei Reh Ke Reply Diya Kar Samjha Warna Jo India Mei Momo Ka Stall Lagata Hai Na Uske Saath Tujhe Bhi Nepal Laat Maarke Bhej Dunga Bhikhari Desh Ke Keede


Yes 3 idiot was content less also pk and dangal was content less ??

–1 vote

No specially when your first film promoted in the name of Aamir who is very big star in china & comparable to big stars of Hollywood..
But still I have seen many fans to go mad after bajrangi bhaijaan performance & then re sultan Kar de chadhayi re sultan Kar de chadhayi failed badly..
So yes you simply can't become big star unless your name is Aamir khan or you massively promoted your movie on his name.

by Director (129k points)

What were u expecting for a small teen centric film releasing on a diwali day where big films won't release.


Nahi according to aamir fans ss is not aamir movie in india. Because in india movie not open good and in china movie open good than aamir movie. Hahaha what a joke. In india movie teen centric film and in china aamir movie. China main to abhi tak $25 mn se jayada kamane wali film sab ki sab teen centric hi hai. See the records.


In india or wordlwide or overseas. Let me make it clear........ Its an Aamir film with him an extended cameo which earned more than TZH worldwide...... The budget is 1/4th of TZH..
I hope this enters ur tiny brain once it for all....


Teen centric hahahaha now bhaifans are giving tough fight to srkians in giving excuse or making new theories.

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