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Yash - Radhika Pandit special wedding receptions for fans.

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I heard budget of this movie is around 70cr, which is really very very huge for a Kannada movie but I don't think it will make any mark at the Hindi box office.
Regarding massive following/craze almost all South superstars commands that unlike Bollywood.

by Unit Manager (33.5k points)
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The budget is high is the reason why this is being released in 5 languages.

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this is ridiculous what are they doing there are I think maybe 4 Movies releasing on 21st December and although I personally do not believe this but if the Simba release date is not a bluff then I think this is very unfair towards Shahrukh Khan that his most ambitious and most expensive and most worked upon movie is releasing and everyone out of his friends are trying to destroy him excel and Dharma both are his close friends .... I think it's daring to put over 200 crore on a movie.. they all should support him for his courage and let him release his movie solo.

by Star (154k points)
+1 vote

It will hardly get any screen against zero , as of now the only problem for zero is simbaa which I think going to postpone in coming weeks..

by Director (129k points)
+1 vote

Hardly anyone would care about him here. The only threat is simbaa. Zero needs to have good content. The rest the stardom will take care of it.

by Star (143k points)
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No chance in hindi will bite the dust here

by Assistant Director (45.8k points)
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Every weekend around 6 Hindi films release, this is one among that 5.8 films.
There was a film Abhijaan Amazon something last year which had hyped multilingual release, the film bombed in Bengal itself and rest was not even watched.

by Super-star (172k points)

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