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Now that Hrithik Roshan starrer Super 30 is postponed, whose film do you think will clash with it on 26th January 2019? [poll]

+1 vote
Any Shah Rukh Khan starrer (2 votes, 25%)
Any Akshay Kumar starrer (2 votes, 25%)
Any Salman Khan starrer (3 votes, 38%)
Any Ajay Devgn starrer (0 votes)
Any Kangana Ranaut starrer (1 vote, 13%)
asked Jan 24 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (260,309 points)
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6 Answers

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Super 30 won’t get a solo release that is for sure. I bet on Akshay to clash. If Dabangg 3 is coming on xmas then zero could shift to this date too. If only Hrithik could have started shooting early and released it this year itself.

answered Jan 25 by Intense Director (127,821 points)
selected Jan 31 by suhas
+1 vote

Y Salman starrer in list... other small actor will go for 26 jan specially aki.

answered Jan 24 by playboy Unit Manager (30,823 points)

There's no rule that 26th Jan is for Akshay Kumar or any smaller or younger stars only. Salman Khan this decade alone released 2 of his films.

It all matters about finish product. If Salman has a film ready & he/his producers are fine then they'll block that date.

I dnt think salman wil release on any date except eid diwali xmas ..... for D3 he might target xmas 18 or else eid 19 due to friendship n kindness to srk...

+1 vote

If Dabangg3 is announced for Xmas then Bhagoda part 3 will release on that day.

answered Jan 25 by Rowdy Set Designer (1,992 points)

Doubtful. There has never been any film titled. Hagoda Part 1 & Part 2 for the Part 3 to happen.

Further, just putting out a reminder for the rules of this forum.

0 votes

I feel like Dabangg 3 would release on this date, and in that case it of course won't be a clash.

answered Jan 24 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,024 points)
0 votes

Akshay Kumar =>His movies are already announced for 2019 so he is out of equation for clash.

Salman Khan=> He will come on Eid/Christmas. So he is out of equation for clash.

Shahrukh Khan=> He won't have any release for Jan 2019 and even if he will have it ready he won't have his 2 movies release within span of 30 days. So he is out of equation for clash.

Kangana Ranaut=> She can't afford clash with Hrithik Roshan starer. She is out of equation for clash.

Ajay Devgan => He already have a movie for dec 2018 so it is very unlikely that he will have his movie release in Jan 2019, he will prefer to have some gap between 2 releases. So he is out of the equation.

So among the mentioned option it seems no one will have clash with Hrithik movie.

answered Jan 25 by Vikram Singh Production Accountant (21,642 points)

Don't think Super 30 will get a solo release. Even the distributors themselves will pressurise for another film. Many scenarios are possible. Padmaavat effect will not be much as the wom won't help it & no more films will get impacted apart from the feb-march ones which shuffled their release dates.

  1. Any smaller film/films might try to release on the same day.
  2. A scenario where Zero gets postponed to January?
  3. A scenario where Akshay pushes one of his films to this date. Still 2.0 is there & whatever be the outcome, he'll try to capitalise.
  4. Salman announcing a film. 2 films a year was the norm. He has always said he wants to try 3. 1 SKF, 1 Sohail/Arbaaz/Alvira's production & 1 outside production.
  5. Manikarnika is already delayed from it's April date citing VFX. Anything could happen.
  6. Any of the X-Mas release have the chance of postponing.

People didn't take 26th Jan date because it was YRF starring Hrithik & Tiger in an out & out commerical film. That won't happen for Super 30 which despite any "commercial" elements put in will not be commercial enough for the larger section. It's simple, you want to sell the life of a mathematician to masses. This line itself is enough to know it's appeal.

@vikram, Akshay can announce any movie in May/June and have it ready for release by Jan

0 votes

Shahrukh and Hrithik will return again to clash on the day they clashed in 2017, just a guess with Dabangg 3 on X-mass

answered Jan 25 by shah Executive Producer (65,442 points)