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Super 30 to release on 26th Jan instead of YRF's Hrtihik - Tiger film.

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207 views asked Jan 24 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (260,361 points)
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Damn. Damn. Another delay. That’s late. It’s a small movie man, he can shoot for it and finish it in 40-50 days and release it in 2018 itself.

answered Jan 25 by Intense Director (127,897 points)
selected Jan 31 by suhas

God knows what's he upto... I'm sure by now that he is a guy like me... I stopped taking my job seriously a long ago..

Now everything else is as important to me... maybe thats his philosophy... salman and many others don't get time for themselves... continuously shooting and travelling but HR may not want to get on that wagonwheel... he might look to chill and do it with ease... just like how I would have done if I was in the same position... the race is not for me... im a lone lazy ranger

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Pehle to Log Aamir ki Film ke Saath release karne se Darte the....
But Now Uske Aas-Pass bhi ...they think its not a Good Plan/Business Model etc etc.....

answered Jan 24 by abbie Unit Manager (31,319 points)
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This is a masterstroke by Yrf And Brand Aamir

Now Thugs will Have 4 open weeks

Here no one dares to release their movie even near Aamir's movie let alone clashing with Aamir still some people get exited after listening to clash rumours with Aamir movie

answered Jan 24 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,747 points)

That i dont think will be big movie consisering it stars Tiger whose last 2 films flopped; may be it can also move and even if it doesnt moves it wont effect Thugs

Rancho bhai rana is big in south india esp andra/nizam.........

Haathi mere saathi is negligible Except for south, Anyways when singham sequel moved from 2016 christmas im sure it will also move

Yes ofcourse Thats why i said in south it will affect anyways lets see hope it also moves they wont risk blunder in North

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Good move.
So now most probably HRITHIK-TIGER-YRF film will release on Gandhi Jayanti weekend in 2019.

answered Jan 24 by Maruf Sarker Producer (112,380 points)
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whats special in this movie that it will take 1 full year to make and release? HR needs to increase the speed at which he makes movies....

answered Jan 24 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,232 points)

well hopefully not lonely
there are several rumours about a reconciliation with his ex-wife.

but yeah, so much potential is being wasted.

from Republic Day 2017 to Republic Day 2019, he only has 2 movies released, and both aren't the sort of huge movies he should be doing.

No i meant that when he's having his moment of solitude... and yeah... super 30 is the kind of movie Akki will complete in one 40 day schedule and move to the next damn movie...

I agree with @Seinfeld. Super 30 ko decide karne men hi 1 Saal laga diya HR ne. Akshay to teen movies kar le aisi 1 saal men

@Seinfeld: I misread your comment

Anyway, given that he had already been working on the movie for a while now, it should have been made and released by August 15 or Gandhi Jayanti. Akki definitely would have finished this up within 45 days.