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1994 article about Navneet Nishan trying to sue Alok Nath. She was the lead of Tara & whom he used to harrass.

They might be lovers in the popular serial Tara but off-screen it's war.
Navneet Nishan, better-known as Tara, is suing Alok Nath for Rs 1 crore. It started when Nishan had a fight with costume coordinator Ashu Nath, who is also Alok's spouse. This brought Alok into the ring, allegedly misbehaving with Nishan on the set.

But the real red rag was Alok describing her as a drug user in an interview to Movie magazine.
Explodes Nishan: "This is absolutely fabricated. It's taken me eight years to get where I am and I don't want some alcoholic fool to mess it up for me." And she refused to act with him.

However, the serial makers, currently shooting the 140th episode, say they are not in a fix. Rumour has it they had shot a death scene with Alok but script-writer Vinta Nanda denies it: "The characters they play had been separated anyway. So real life is following reel life and we will keep them apart."

So, happy ending: death won't do them part, but scripting will.

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One girl had open the flood gates look how many harrasers are still to be called out in public
Hopefully she will file a case bcoz this is a rape its a very serious issue if he has indeed done this he needs to be behind the bar

by Assistant Director (49.3k points)
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When truth is not clear than i am not giving any comment. After judgement i will give my opinion because many time a person favour at one people and after truth is clear than that person favour wrong. So better first known full truth by police and our respected judge than comment.

Second if its happen and find accused than hanged till death this type of person not living in our country. Sorry not person this type of Wolf's is better to called.


That is why i said i hope she files a casebcoz only then it would be investigated as i said above if he has done it he must face the law
Not taking any sides i know how some women misuses and falsely accuses man
I am myself a victim of that


Agree bro

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Nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......yeh sunany sy pehlay main marr kyun nhn gya....kyun sanskari Alok Nath, kyun....aisa kyun keya??

by Unit Manager (34k points)

Seriously bro firsr nana now this i really don't know whom to trust anymore


Bill cosby....we need to trust him


point is we can't trust anybody....let me share one clip...actually i will share it with the forum

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I had read this and it was spine chilling to say the least. If alok nath can do it no one in life can be trusted.

by Star (156k points)
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Wow. So many of these coming now. Thanks to miss India, she revolutionized molestation and sexual harassment topic in Bollywood.

by Camera Operator (8.8k points)

You support tanushree?


It's generally female that are being exploited. So, yes, even if I am a big fan of Nana's movies, I support Tanushree more, and having said that, if she is guilty, she shouldn't be spared!

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