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Andhadhun is on course to emerge a HIT film as it records good collections on Monday. The film is heading towards a good 30-40% jump as compared to the first day. The collections of the film will be in the 3.25 crore nett region which takes the film to over 17.50 crore nett in four days.

The total is not much but now the film will start making ground over the next few weeks. The film has been liked by the high end multiplex crowd in metros like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. It was a holiday in Kolkata on Monday and next week will be a prolonged holiday which will ensure Kolkata also scores big for the film.

Its the same crowd that takes films like Neerja and Kapoor & Sons to good numbers and even though appreciation is very limited to the metros it is not to difficult to get 50 lakh footfalls when these metros take to a film. The above films easily went higher than 50 lakh footfalls as the former had tax exemption while the latter had music but for Andhadhun even 50 lakh footfalls will see just a little short of Neerja and Kapoor & Sons due to a rise in ticket prices and reduction tax due to GST.

The core Hindi film crowd has not come on board but that is expected and the film does not really need it either to become a HIT. The first week should easily cross 25 crore nett from here and Friday does not have major competition. It will be the second Friday which should confirm HIT status if it holds well.


If Movie declare hit than i am very happy. Because deserving very much deserving. Its a classic movie for me. Thanks to aayushman to choose this movie and doing it. Badaai hoo sure shot hit due to buzz. Great sign.

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The good times continue to roll on for ayushmaan.

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That was never a question, such movie will never fail.
It's just a matter of time when boi will declare it a clean hit.
Wom spreads faster than fire these days, so such genuinely good movie will never fail.
Actually it lost over 3/4cr due to lack of smartness in show allocation.
I want this movie to emerge as a super hit, it's a wait and watch situation.
Ayushman's carrier should be case of study for young aspiring artists how he has managed to create a niche for himself.
Bkb, SMS, now andhadhun and next week badhai ho also looks sure shot winner
He's on a role

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let's see, weekend 2 could be as much as weekend one.

but despite all this Ayushmann isn't a star yet.


Just like Aamir Khan. Because Aamir movie also doing well wben Wom is good.


Just Like Aamir?
It Statement Shows You Have Lost Your Mental Balance.
Aamir Was Declared A Star With His 1st Movie In 1980s, He Became A Big Star And Top League Star Early In His Career In 1990s, He Was Declared Biggest Star In 2006, Biggest Star With Best Run In 2009. Let Alone Others Even Aamir Hater BOI Says Aamir Is A Superstar And Is Among Top 3 Biggest Star And Most Popular Actors Of This Era.
Aamir Has Long List Of Box Office Records
And You Demented Guy Have Audacity To Compare Him With Ayushman Khurana Who Isnt Even Declared A Star.

Aamir Has Given Multiple Atg Atbb With And Without Excellent WOM Which Is A Dream For Others!

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