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Well today HR has silenced all his naysayers by speaking in support of the victim and with this Bollywood door has been closed for Vikas forever.

We all know that Aamir's upcoming movie Mogul's director Subhas has also been accused for molestation by actress geetika tyagi but Subhash got out by using his influence, I think Ace should also fire Subhash from the movie and make a example like HR did.

Such proven molesters should not be spared
Source Link: My opinion
in General by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
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To anyone commenting about Aamir's affair etc:

There's a difference between having a consensual affair and forcing yourself on someone.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
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Lol found some PR team created actor fans commenting on a gossip related to Aamir & that too when their favourite actor are in serious relationship with Tu Mera karma Tu Mera dharma (production)..
Hahahaha auqat me Nahi roti aur maang rahe hai boti.

by Director (129k points)
0 votes

Lol, Ace is a chupa rustom on his own.

Wasn't Ace having extra marital affairs & have an illegitimate child??

Ace is just ace in terms of script sense, I've seen users in this forum justifying his extra marital affairs news as normal and some other stuff.

by Mega Star (213k points)

What about spoof of potc


Yes it's look similar as of now but final product may surprise all while on the other hand you have Bharat which is remake of ode to my father with sure shot overdose of masala stuff.


So don't say amir doesn't copy anything...potc spoof is onn this diwali


I am not a ponga pundit like you who can predict thing in advance, toh is not released yet so declaring it as a spoof of potc , only Gyani Baba like you can predict such thing.

0 votes

As if so caled ace is dood ka dhula ..he is not behind others.he is also ace in race of having many affairs.

by Production Designer (12.5k points)
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If subhash is guilty, Then Aamir should take a stand on that. And if salman is guilty also bollywood should take the stand.....
Remember Subhash didn't go to court, Salman did for 2 different cases....

by Second Unit Director (77.4k points)

Subhash has confessed it during a interview with Abpnews


okay u got an answer now i guess

–2 votes

Aishwarya rai Katrina kaif should raise their voice against Salman ...

Aur pata nahi kitni hingi

by Camera Operator (9.6k points)

Agar brkup k baad sare ex gf aake harrassment kiya bolne lagi na .toh ek vi ladka chokha nahi bachega munne

–3 votes

Hrithik and God. Synonyms or acronyms or ...? Let's start storing girls. No ace supports them in Bollywood. We mujhe hear after 20 years that Dangal happened because of molestation. Let's not prepare to hear after a decade or two. HR is no God. Aamir is not either. Only thing, let none of them who takes advantage of girls or any sex remain in the industry and our world.

by Camera Operator (8.3k points)

He did not say hrithik is God. He said hrithik is Greek God


I just think just got looking good, people shouldn't be called Greek God. But yes, he is handsome. I liked his comment on the latest controversy. But, is he a nice person? Leaving his wife, getting around QUEEN controversy, etc suggest that he is no different.


So every guy who gets divorced is bad ? This is the problem these days. Suzanne cheated on him. He got involved with kangana after his split. Kangana is a liar and a B grade opportunist. I say hrithik is one of the nicest man we have today. Aamir isn't a good person at all that I can admit


I respe t opinions, that is how Modi was there

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