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Ex - when we say that a film has got a good opening.
Morning show
First day
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2 Answers

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100% occupancy, sir, that's what is called an opening. They hardly get 65% and they say, that's what is called the opening.

You don't get tickets when you wish to watch the movie FDFS, the shows are reserved for two weeks, that's what is called the opening. Numberwise, 210 crores in India first day is THE opening at the average ticket prices, the full potential...

by Location Manager (6.8k points)
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I think it's first show(good very good bumper etc) ... But as we all know ... From first show the Wom starts coming out.
That's how multiplex movies grow. .. through the course of the day then ...

Example ... TZH bumper and sanju, dangal excellent .. with almost same gross of all these
Because opening shows of TZH were running in higher capacity ... But then Wom helped the other two during the day

But I can be wrong ... That's just my judgement

by Star (152k points)

No bro you are wrong. Tzh, sanju and dangal gross almost same but main difference is average ticket price and footfalls. Sanju, dangal average ticket price is much ahead in weekend and Tzh is less average ticket price. So footfalls of Tzh is ahead than both that's why Tzh is a bumper opener and rest both are only excellent opener.

Second thing - morning shows can't judge movie opening many movies which is based on youth than its morning shows occupancy is higher than normal in morning shows. But many movies based on family and family not coming in early morning shows so in evening shows family coming to see the movie. And in winter morning shows always affected by cold in north india. So overall whole weekend and taken without holiday benefit that is most important for any movie opening.