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asked in Movie Discussions by Star (149k points)
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Well Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trolled them too, but then it was a guaranteed Blockbuster.

Disappointed that I can't watch Venom becauseuse of the strike of theatre owners. Let's see how it fares in long run.

answered by Mega Star (203k points)

@moviezfun.. maybe he is an indori ..btw I am spotting u after a decade


He once told me he is close to UP and Rajasthan border. My bet is Gwalior.


Jat..hosakta hai.. but why are we just taking the names of cities? Majority of India doesn't live in cities.. maybe TB's abode lies in the countryside.


@CR i usually see all posts everyday but its jst ki i am not able to participate in any discussion because that need time and i know i am not able to give time.Sometimes i miss old days where i have enough time to contribute to ds forum. :-)

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They have been trolled by most salman films after 2010

answered by Art Director (2.8k points)
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shows yet again how popular Spider Man 3 is. people on social media troll it but it's a hugely loved movie and Venom is benefitting from that.

such an enormous mistake for Sony to reboot it. well now the new animated Spider-Man movie seems to be a sort of follow-up to the original trilogy, so it's my second most anticipated movie for the year after Zero.

also reconfirms that Spider-Man is by far the most popular superhero worldwide.

answered by Unit Manager (37.8k points)

Spider man is my most favourite Superhero followed by Iron man & Batman ...


help.. Give a chance to superman also... He could see through things/fabrics

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I have seen Venom. It is a good film.. Not that great like other recent Marvel films but way better than the DC stuff being showed in couple of years.. I liked the comedy.. Well its slow in the beginning as story takes time to build to show how Tom Hardy becomes Venom

answered by Second Unit Director (74.1k points)
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Let's check on facts here. Has critic reviews stopped any among Twilight, BvS or ffs Suicide Squad open big? Naah.
And these films opened $125mn.
Besides Venom did $80mn, but it will drop like stone nect weekend. Keep eye on that. That's what critics are for and films I mentioned did that.

answered by Super-star (167k points)

56% drop.....!!!!!

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