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People here on forum and social media are demanding a answer from HR, but I can't understand why do he needs to apologize for someone else, he's not obliged to do so.

He has every right to remain silent

Problem lies with Vikas, bash him

But you don't have the right to sabotage a film because other than Vikas there are hundreds of people work on a film
asked in General by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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no look its not that..... i'll tell whats gonna happen....
when they release the trailer of super 30.... among media ... like happens with every big star's movies..... those media folks are going to ask these question to hrithik ...
like what do you have to say
or why did you work with him
or your movie is made by the mahn with this kind of beliefs
and many many other type of questions where the answers given by him are going to be twisted.... and make him look bad....

plus... there is that ME TOO movement going on.... will they even let teh movie release?!?!?!?

HR is the one who is going to be affected the most..... he has everything to lose even after not being the wronged one.

i dont know if i made any sense

answered by Star (149k points)
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Yes that's going to happen, it's going to create a big issue for HR


no thats the point...if he remains silent.... ALL OF THE THINGS I MENTIONED ABOVE..... will happen to him.... meaning he'll lose everything... the last hit given by him was half a decade ago.... his brand value is at all time low.... Tiger is in driving seat in HR v Tiger....
what he needs to do is .... come out in media and disown the director of the movie.... and speak big words like.... i will personally look into it ..and make sure.... he gets what he deserves...... etc.


Yeah I agree what grand nova said. But sadly HR lacks initiative. I hope he does come up and issue a statement.

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It's a fact. Vikas did the deed. Not hrithik. Can we be held responsible for the misdeeds of our colleagues ?

answered by Producer (110k points)
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answered by Mega Star (204k points)

What❓To whom?
I haven't copied him?

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HR should release a statement that he didn't know anything about the allegations against the director and say that he'll work with the producers and not give credit to Vikas Bahl for the film.

Also why is everyone asking HR to be responsible for this? They should blame Anurag Kashyap for this since he knew about the allegations and didn't do anything.

Is HR supposed to run a background check on every director he works with?

answered by Costume designer (1k points)

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