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Now Karni Sena has no OBJECTION, will watch film? All this was for HYPE Stunt?

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Just before 2 days of release, now Bhansali Requested Karni Sena to watch the film & they agree to watch, which means all this mess was to give big HYPE to film?

Bhansali which didn't showed it before which could have easily avoided such big controversy, now just 2 days back is willing to show, quite comfortable it looks.

Film would have been success coz of previous Bajirao Mastani, now HYPE is boasted to this much level that it could be BIG BIG HIT, well played Bhansali, Master Stroke, HYPE bhi aa gayi aur SUCCESS bhi barh gayi.

I won't be surprised if this was planned protest just to give Rajput Culture's film a BIg Big Success
asked Jan 23 in Box Office Related by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,494 points)
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edited Jan 23 by -OmKara-

Well Gujarat elections got over know. Karnataka's election is something Karni Sena is irrelevant.

Anyways SC ruled so some entities who backed Karni Sena now had to shut up. With support declining, Karni Sena is made to give such statement.

Movie was never an important thing from the beginning. They just wanted to gain more Hindu votes.

It seems both Karni & Bhansali got benefit, they got votes, film will get extra box office money.

Votes are for BJP not Karni Sena. They're just the pawns.

You're saying Bhansali will get the benefit but what about the unnecessary costs now? The amount they've to feed govt, govt officials, fringe groups, media etc apart from the costs they have to bear for the delay of the film. The renegotiation costs as the digital rights were pre-sold so now they have to obey multiplex owners regarding their deal.

In the end, it is the Padmaavat makers who are still in trouble. They've already lost the proper date.

And also mentioning BJP is just a generalization only coz they benefit the most. Otherwise Rajputs or such mindset ppl are in every political party. All have their hands dirty. If all non-ruling parties were so honest then they would've never let a small group like Karni Sena to cause such mayhem.

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Haha if that happens then this has to be the best marketing campaign of all time.

answered Jan 23 by Rowdy Set Designer (1,924 points)
selected Jan 28 by -OmKara-
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It was a good decision to release the film around Republic Day. Many foreign dignitaries will be present in Delhi during that time, any news regarding rioting and vandalism will bring bad reputation for the govt in front of the foreign press.. So govt will now ask these goons to just chill.. and they could have asked them to backoff earlier too ...india rocks.

answered Jan 23 by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,915 points)

Soon they'll find another issue. You won't be kept bored for long.

Yeah bro.. a facebook post from a lunatic disrespecting a religion could spark off furious debates on prime time.

+1 from my side

@Shah.. Thanks man.. @Suhas u haven't yet given the upvote

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2 minute silence for the people here who think bhansali is innocent and only karni sena is villain.

answered Jan 23 by vinaygharat007 Casting Director (18,316 points)
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The hype for this movie is so huge that it can even cross 300cr.

answered Jan 23 by Vikram Singh Production Accountant (21,239 points)
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Hahahaha I already knew it was pre planned stuff, the way lead actors were all chilled up and release date musical chairs, it was obvious, SLB is known for his grand sets, and now he used his brain in a grand way, only risk was movie getting banned but everyone knew Supreme Court would never ban it so it wasn't as risky as thought, now SLB didn't had to use promotional campaign, release songs in grand way, interviews, tv shows etc etc etc

Now he got red hot Buzz and movie is aiming for record breaking run, so I say things went as per planned, I mean except few busses got burned, plexes were vandalized and people got injured, but SLB got what he wanted, absolute masterstroke..!!

answered Jan 23 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,757 points)

Hey playboy.. I want to know from u why TB's theory can't be right ? Enlighten me.

Charlie .. first of all such stupid theory wch came from burned soul dnt deserved to be called a theory.. aisi theory ka dur dur tak practical ka sawal nai ... agar ye theory man bi le practical hai then bhasali should be called has biggest marketing movie person ever saw n its biggest marketting campaign of all time.... n one more point jitna paise inn protest mae karcha kiya usmae ek aur padvamati ban sakti hai....

Thunder glad m not mod naitoh tere jaise moron ke category mae count hota aur aise moronic answer post karta...

@playboy sirf Padmavati ki publicity hi kyun? yeh nahi hosakta ke Padmavati aur karni Sena ek doosre ko publicity derahe . Karni Sena has become a known name in the market today and with rajasthan elections in near future they might gain some political advantage due to this controversy.. I might be wrong but this cannot be ruled out.

Charlie definetly karni sena is doin this for thier publicity no doubt in that but telling its pre planned mutual understanding marketting is as absurd as calling krk a megastar...... here publicity benifit more towards karni sena take 90% whereas padmavati its 10% due to buzz in news... plus for bhansali n padvamati those news was negative... many common rajput or hindu became enemy of bhansali they were abusing bhasali equally as karni sena...nw this is very worrying sign isnt... rahi baat business ki bhansali waise hi 190cd karleta hai n thrashes commercial big combo movie like dilwale ... then i dnt think ye banda khud ki itni bezathi karwayega by taking slap a year back n then post ponding its gud release date from dec 1 n releasin after tzh wch is again big loss...