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25th Success

20th Hit

13th Big Hit

10th Blockbuster

6th Atbb Atg

8th Hgoty Bhoty Mwfoty

2nd Hgotd

1st Bhotd Mwfotd Hgotc

6th Movie Of 3 Cr Footfalls

10th Movie Of 2 cr Footfalls

25th Movie Of 1 Cr Footfalls

6th Record Opening Day

2nd Movie To Break All Circuit Records

5th Movie To Be An Atbb And Atg Simultaneously India Overseas And Worldwide

4th Movie To Be Have Record Opening Day, Single Day, 1st Weekend, 1st Week, Lifetime Simultaneously

Also Expect It To Be A New Club Founder India Overseas & Worldwide And Have Highest Distributor Share
in Box Office Related by Unit Manager (30.4k points)
95% Accept Rate

Expectation kam rakho aur phir dekho movie jayada karti hai to kya khushi hoti hai. But agar expectation jayada rakhte hai aur agar kahi movie ne business kam kiya to bahut kharab lagata hai.

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Your all expectations will be get fulfilled if toh turns out to be a good entertainer.
I personally think 300cr is the bare minimum number at which it's looking for
1st day, weekend, week records will be decimated by a margin and most probably it will be another Hgoty, atbb, ATG for Aamir.

by Production Accountant (23.9k points)
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Period films not very big successful without controversy in india.
Bajirao Mastani - Hit (Controversy)
Padmaavat - Blockbuster (huge controversy)
Lagaan - Hit
Mangal Pandey - Flop (Huge controversy)
Jodha Akbar - Semi Hit (huge controversy)
Asoka - Flop
Mohenjodaro - Flop

  • Lagaan, Bajirao Mastani Wom is extraordinary.
  • don't compare bahubali because bahubali is a different thing.
+1 vote

NO PREJUDICE. 2.5 stars average with all paid critics giving 4 stars and 220 to 280 crs and average verdict is what the movie will get.

by Location Manager (6.8k points)

But movie not running long only paid critics rating. Most important WOM. I am fully confident that vijay krishna not making even an average film because for me that is a poor director.


I agree with you and furthermore the trailer itself is uninteresting.

–1 vote

wow..no mention of quality....no.. nothing about the quality of the movie
that settles.... even his fans ... dont expect any quality from TOH after that trailer.

anyways .... it wil do all of those..... but it may be a touch and go for an ATBB. because.... only a 475cr net will get the movie that title.

by Star (152k points)

I dont Expect Quality From Victor Mass


But only craze not the parameter of 500 cr nett or 400 nett. Bahubali touch 500 cr due to excellent story. But after the trailer of TOH i am not expected good movie. So 250-300 cr at the average wom. If movie is good than 400 cr possible. But main thing at least movie will be good. Hope for the best and best of luck.


300cr is nothing ajay mahn.... a 120cr mass movie from 8 years ago is like a 300cr now....
just see padmavati ...it almost did 300cr and still its not sure whether it cross 2cr footfalls or not
TOH is releasing on IMAX which is probbably 2 times the regular ticket price and i m sure it will also have raised ticket prices on 2d ones..... plus it will also be releasing in dubbed languages.


And that's all movies get minimum good wom. Otherwise not cross 300 cr. And your kind information padmaavat footfalls 2.4 cr approx and padmaavat got good to excellent wom also.

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