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Bahl, the woman crew member said, insisted on dropping her to her hotel room on the early hours of 5 May 2015 and pretended to pass out drunk on her bed, only to awaken soon after and masturbate on her.

The woman was alone, vulnerable and recovering from an accident that had left her on crutches for months. She had only just begun to walk unassisted.

In October 2015, she reached out to Kashyap and detailed her experience, but almost two years would pass before her testimony was addressed with any degree of seriousness.

Meanwhile, Bahl harassed her until she finally quit the company in despair, she said in an interview with HuffPost India.

In a sign of how the conversation around sexual assault is gathering momentum to demand answers from powerful men, Bahl's business partner Kashyap admitted to HuffPost India he had failed the woman—three years after he first learnt of the allegations.

"Whatever happened was wrong. We didn't handle it well, we failed. I cannot blame anyone but myself," Kashyap said. "But now we are determined to do better. We believe her completely. She has our undying support. What Bahl has done is horrifying. We are already on our path of course correction and will do everything in our capacity to fix it."

While Kashyap agreed to an on-record interview, HuffPost India sent detailed questionnaires to Phantom Films's remaining three partners—Bahl, Motwane and Mantena. This story will be updated if they respond.

Three days after our questionnaires were sent, Kashyap tweeted that Phantom Films would be dissolved, and the four partners would go their separate ways.

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They are doing it after the news went out to the media, they should have done something earlier. Sick of these companies doing something after they failed to hide it. Anyway, I guess it's good at least they are publicaly denouncing him. In the older days even this wouldn't have happened.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
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HR should say something, it's not an accusation anymore, it's kinda proved, HR should say something.....oh wait, he won't.

by Mega Star (213k points)

I'll say beyond worse now that Kangana has joined by accusing Vikas Bahl of sexual harrasment.

Kangana Ranaut Accuses Queen Director Vikas Bahl Of Sexual Harassment.

It will be weird of hrithik to comment on it, for the sake of a hit he won't

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This is trouble for super 30 and hrithik. For starters it needed a solo release and now this useless controversy.

by Star (140k points)
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unless its proven ... super30 is in deep trouble

by Star (153k points)
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So much they preach the audience to do but when it comes to reality they themselves do notjing whether its AIB Anurag or Kunal Kamra they all are hypocrites of highest order who support these sexual harrasers

by Assistant Director (45.2k points)

Kunal Kamra? How? He was among the first to support the girl/girls along with Varun Grover. He said whatever he did wasn't enough. With the girl not taking the legal route & even now she's trying to find courage on whether to take the legal path or not. How can Kunal be pinpointed?

Last time he confronted Utsav & made sure he was banned from the habitat making sure he never shared stage / work with him. That's the limit one can go.


Kamra himself is being accused of misbehaving and bullying with girls and for his crass jokes infact he did aplogized for some of the jokes he made