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King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan recieved Crystal Award at World Economic Forum (Check out exclusive pics)

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asked Jan 22 in Awards/recognitions by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,757 points)
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SRK was honored for "his leadership role in championing children's and women's rights in India." Other recipients for the honor included 5-time Grammy Award winner Elton John, and the lovely Cate Blanchett. (a la Blue Jasmine <3)

So great to see SRK share the stage with two legends.

Now that the "Awards" season is here for Bollywood, hope he remains busy with them, and not interfere in ALR's vision for "Zero".

answered Jan 22 by Zin Assistant Director (48,287 points)
selected Feb 15 by THUNDER BIRD

jitni interference honi thi wo bohat pehle ho chuki hai...

Dont say that. I refuse to believe it.

acc to Katrina the movie is something completely different from what it was initially, buy hopefully that was all done with Aanand's full approval and involvement.

I did read that interview. Felt like hyperbole, and nothing else.

Statements like "never-see before CGI", "its nothing like ever-before" etc are now too old to not see through.

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congratulations to the King! his recognition and legacy goes well beyond just movies. He got Unicef for charity, this one for championing others rights, and tons of others inbetween.

Keep making your fans and India proud!

answered Jan 22 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,772 points)
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I think that he has not fully utilized the potential of his to influence the society in a positive way. Individual help to the fellow humans is never a bad thing but can't he use his position to communicate important things to the society, Like protection of freedom of speech, class equality, problems of the farmers...

answered Jan 22 by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,912 points)

So true.

Zin... I want to see him in national politics. He will be great.


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Another prestigious addition to an already illustrious list. He deserves his accolades, has worked really hard for it

answered Jan 23 by Intense Producer (117,510 points)

He deserves his accolades, has worked really hard for it ????????????????

@playboy I can criticise SRK for his bad choice of movies. As a superstar he is lagging way behind Salman and aamir. But I will never deny a middle class delhi boy without parents and with no filmi connections made it this big. He is an inspiration, so is someone like akshay. Thousands go to mumbai to be the next SRK....how many make it?

Intense thats definetly a big achievement of srk no one is pointing that.. aaj itna bada aadmi bana hai chahe serial movie mae kamake commercials karke wedding mae dance karke ipl jaise team leke is all bcoz of him no one is pointing on his big achievement.... here m talkin abt this charity award its not a life achievement award... hw he is worthy enough to get this award for 2 3yr old never heard foundation..he got award by recommending himself to this world economy forum just like unesco... i dnt think they researched themself in india to see who is biggest charity person...isnt it ? there are many charity foundation wch do more charity are 100 times famous then this never heard charity foundation ... so hw come this award buyer always get this so called award for charity... if he doing charity in siliently then y doin publicity by taking such award.. this shows he definetly recommended himself to them to get award... i hate this persons greedy to take award.... such a greedy person... if he lives this greedy nature no doubt he is gud person n definetly a bigger achiever n admirer to middle class people..

–1 vote

First of all is this post worthy enough to be in top list post oh srk ki publicity jo karni hai...

Waise Charity karta koi aur hai 18yr 20 salo se aur award ek 2014 mae found hui srk ki meer foundation kharidh leti hai....

Charity karne walo ko award ki zarurth nai padti sirf unki dua khafi hai..

answered Jan 22 by playboy Production Accountant (28,906 points)

sidha charity ko jata hai? ye tujhe Salman ne khud bataya hai?

Mr hola salman bataya....tujhe koi taklif hai
Thunder kiddo stop ur nursery reply like u know better than falana falana... dum hai toh mere upar wale comment ka sahi jawab de... kiddo wale answer apne jem hi rakh tu ...

Haan aur Salman ne mujhe bataya ke wo Crystal Award khareedna chahta tha lekin WEC walon ne usse dhakke maar ke bahar nikal diya

Beta jo tune last wali tone mae baat ki na agar mae karna shuru karu na toh tu bardasht karne ke layak nai rehega..waise award ka bhukhad to srk hai kisiki bi pair chatne lagta hai award ke liye aisa bhikhad hai ye.

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