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+2 votes
According to me it's Race3

Though according to weekend multiplier Race3 did 1.66 of its weekend while jhms 1.44

But Race3 had 2 clean weeks & Eid effect for 1/2 days while jhms had only one open week.

Though pre release it's not a matter of discussion because RACE3 is by far the most trolled Bollywood movie of all time before release.
in Opinion by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
94% Accept Rate

Since I only watched one in theater, that too twice... I'll stick with Race 3.

7 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

MJD isn't as big of a disappointment. By the time the trailer released and then the songs started releasing, it was clear that the battle was lost.

I think the biggest embarrassment is Race 3. the pure lack of effort, the dis-interested feeling, the overall crap quality. this is a clear sign of a star taking advantage of his trademarks without actually trying to make it worthwhile.

But JHMS is a soul-crushing disappointment. What I expected it to be, a magical, romance-filled ride which will give SRK fans some relief in terms of quality, turned out to be such a dull movie, with nothing to show for all the effort and money put into it. more than that though, the movie made me lose faith in SRK. it was this movie that made me put him in the Tier 2 category. Zero can be a masterpiece, but I will still have huge doubts on the quality of SRK's next movie, because he not only dd he choose such a shitty script and let the movie be made, but also sold it so enthusiastically to his fans.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
selected by

not to forget how they named that movie..... after a whole year of spaculating.... JHMS ...courtesy of ranbir kapoor


Rehnuma is a beautiful name according to me, there's something poetic about it.

How they went from that to JHMS is beyond me.

+3 votes

For me after watching all the 3 ..
MD >>> Race-3 >> Jhms ...
Hrithik was good in MD eventhough the movie was average but both Salman & Srk cheated their fans big time .... p
Jhms was the most embarrassing thing happened to a Superstar ...

by Editor (85.7k points)

HNY was like best Farah could do, but Dilwale would had been a lot more entertaining had they not rushed it or tried to cash in on SRK-Kajol pairing. Similar to what happened with Race 3.


Agreed completely
Salman cheated his fans just for the sake of his friends. For me MD>>>Jhms>>Race3
Salman looked disinterest from the starting till climax


Yup agree ..
Race - 3 was a cheating &
Jhms was an embarrassment ...

+2 votes

Mohenjo daro was the biggest crap of all time. Ahsutosh is a gifted director as well....never expected him to make such shitt in the name of a magnum opus. It was an embarrassment for hrithik like anything

by Star (140k points)

Bro honestly speaking Mohenjodaro was a watchable film for me atleast Hrithik was good as compare to Jhms & Race-3 ..
both Srk & Salman cheated their fans ....


Story wise it could be but the execution and the vfx was cartoonish

+1 vote

JHMS for sure.... When Srk and Imtiaz collaborate it has to be a magical ride.. It turned out to be disastrous as movie did 60 crores at BO

by Second Unit Director (74.6k points)
+1 vote

JHMS did 60 crs, with SRK in lead, how can anything Bollywood has thrown up in recent years can match JHMS in terms of embarrassment it has caused to the fans & the star itself.

And believe me I'm just saying embarrassment because it is just so so so embarrassing that you can't even abuse it or it's shit director.

Atleast Salman fans can abuse Remo, JHMS made Srkians shell shocked, it's like you can't be angry, you can't abuse, you can't feel anything, just dumbfounded at what happened and thinking that did it really happened or what. This is effect of JHMS.

by Mega Star (213k points)

Well that's more likely because Srk fans spent all their abuses on Rahul Dholakia.

And it's not about abusing someone else. When the content is compromised to give a really terrible end product then you've to give it what it deserves. Atleast JHMS got what it deserved. Race 3 earned dangerous 166cr domestic & 303cr worldwide. That is more scarier + embarrassing than JHMS's 60cr.


Nope, a movie of one of the biggest superstar doing 60 crs lifetime is Biggest embarrassment.

+1 vote

I found MD to be very good's VFX were bad .. but that was evident from first trailer .. when everyone was in denial .. but I was clear what it was ... So it was on par with my expectations.... Hrithik's acting was good ... Direction was good ... Ending was good ... Just VFX were bad. It looked like a doordarshan drama.

.. While didn't hate jhms. Because srk already had given pretty darn ridiculous movies ... Hny ce dilwale raees.... These 4 movies were so damn garbage ... That jhms looked like a classic in front of them ..... May be that's the reason I didn't hate jhms. . btw I also didn't hate ... while I really liked fan .. i think that's his best movie of the decade.

Race 3 ... I will neither forget nor forgive . From the moment I watched ... This movie ... I was so devastated that I lost all hope from the content of his upcoming movies ... no matter who's directing ...
I mean couldn't they see when they were making it or in trial shows ... What abomination it is.
Unless there were some other motivations behind making race 3 the way it is ... (Robbing fans for easy money ) their judgment I cannot trust .

by Star (153k points)
edited by

srk fans dont have correct judgement .... and they correlate boxoffice numbers with the quality... and since jhms didn't do even face saving business ... thats why they call it bad movie.... remember HNY...they called it best film ever.


Agreed completely, Race3 was the worst movie i have watched in theatre, for the first time i saw first day second show going so dull for a Salman movie barring that heeriye song & audience were laughing during Bobby and Daisy song
Come on man how on the earth you could give the worst written/sidelined role to the megastar in a 185cr budgeted Eid event movie, Salman was clearly disinterested from the starting to climax. You can see ek galti video song he's not even trying lip syncing.
It was clearly visible that they have made no effort to make a good movie, Salman took his stardom for granted.
He has to understand he commands such crazy following that he can open a movie with outdated actors, pathetic director, horrible music/trailer and above all the most trolled movie of all time to 32cr real value opening on nonholiday.
Respect such following don't embarrass them by doing such movies.

0 votes

As a salman fan Race 3
Srk fans will say JHMS and they are not wrong too
Mohenjodaro was still ok when compared to race 3 and JHMS

by Assistant Director (45.3k points)

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