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Love Yatri
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I'm really eager to watch andhadhun. Might even catch sui dhaaga

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never planned on watching Venom even with good review. can't stand Tom Hardy.

my first choice was always AndhaDhun and I will be watching that next tuesday or wednesday if time allows.

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haha...kya issue hai bhai ka Tom Hardy sy???


I don't know man. Just don't like his acting style, have never liked a single performance from him. He seems wooden.


haha.......wooden wala to fact hai ...waisay maine iski 3,4 he films dekhi hn gi....aur i think Revenant iski achi performance thi......atleast better, not literally but praise wise, than overrated Leo's one


Didn't see revenant because I know it will be too boring for me. But in a movie like Inception he has given such a bland performance, or in Mad Max, he is overshadowed by literally everyone. Such a unexciting and overrated actor.

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i swear to you i was just about to write this thing..... that venom is getting so much negativity..... and i think...there may be some external factors involved..... i personally dont think this movie will be as bad ..as they are saying.... i can almost guarantee this.... everyone seems to have disowned the movie.
im still loooking forward to it....

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None no movies in theatre till thugs of hindustan

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and you are gonna watch imax version of TOH for 33 rupees?? hahaha cheat codes in real life


Haha most probably yess

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Sad Andhadhun got poor opening.

Hero had better opening still today Loveyatri had same occupancy as Hero here in Mysore's show. I don't think the verdict would change either. So bland it was.


I really don't understand why salman makes such movies to launch newcomers


@Ssk I don't mind Salman launching newcomers, that's the obvious thing you expect from seniors. Aayush & Warina did have screen presence. What baffles me is how Salman is choosing nothing scripts to launch newcomers or re-launch older ones.

Shah Rukh produced terrible ones for newcomers & eventually stopped. Aamir Khan hardly does. With the way Salman is going, he'll go Srk way to stop launching newcomers. Afterall maximum income is coming out of his own films + tv show earnings. Unless the newcomers films start earning, he won't rely on his own films earnings for long.

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