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Source Link: https://www.dnaindia.com/bollywood/interview-you-need-to-stay-invested-in-new-talent-for-life-salman-khan-on-launching-youngsters-in-bollywood-and-more-2669960
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After Bharat, you’ve got Dabangg 3?
Yeah, I’m going to jump straight out of Bharat set onto the Dabangg 3 one. (laughs).

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So the pattern has remained the same
One good movie then one bad movie
Bharat-Dabangg3(Though I still hope that it turns out to be a decent one anyhow but more chances are there it being another crap)

by Production Accountant (23.9k points)
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No excitement at all for his upcoming films.
Bharat - a remake of a good but not so entertaining film and ali will have to deliever something special this time or it ll be another underperformer.
Dabangg 3 - just damaging the popularity of chulbul pandey. let chulbul remain an iconic character. dabangg 2 was ultra crap.
Then kick 2, tiger 3, race 4, dabangg 4 and so on.
prime example of self-destruction. nothing wrong in doing masala movies but atleast they should be appealing and new e.g. simmba.

by Production Accountant (24.9k points)

How did simbaa became new simbaa itself is a remake of telugu film temper


I know that its a remake but such a remake is anyday better than dabangg 3.
you decide : simmba with salman or dabangg 3?


Anyway I am pretty much sure Rohit will make Simba better than temper though ranveer will find it hard to match ntr.
And Simba any day will be a better entertainer than Dabangg3.
It's just another BHBY product.
We should wait for another iconic song by lulia and naina naina by Sajid wajid


negativity will be on par with race 3, atleast.

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its because arbaaz khan needed money for betting and gambling..... and salman khan's filmography is already filled with universal craps...one more wont make a difference...they will put 30cr-40cr on the project and earn 200cr profit from sales of all kinds............ so its a win win for the khandan.
i hope for the betterment of audience there is some other movie releasing alongside.... if not...they are gonna have to witness ..... saqib saleem as villain, sonakshi sinha as actress..and prabhudeva as director. with production values of dabangg 2 and jai ho...... in a movie which is already 7 years late..... with absolutely zero amount of goodwill earned from dabangg 2 to generate excitement and anticipation... for this sequel...that fans..... begged to drop. but its a business....
actually im surprised and happy that everyone even haters..... want salman khan to drop this movie..... meaning they want to watch salman khan do good... and earn respect from people. and make money also.... !!

by Star (152k points)
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And we can imagine what the result will be. Why is Salman willing to be a part of another lazy venture is beyond me, especially after what happened with race 3

by Director (128k points)

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