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Secret Superstar Crosses 100 Crore In China In Two Days - BOI

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Secret Superstar has crossed 100 crore in China in two days. The film collected $6.74 million on day one which is 42.50 crore apprx and is looking to clock $9.5 million plus on its second day which is around 60 crore. The two day total will be over $16 million which is what Dangal grossed in six days.

The film outscored two Hollywood films released on the same day Wonder and Ferdinand. The GROSS business in India of this film which was rejected in the home market was 81 crore and China has comfortably gone past it in two days.

The main difference with Secret Superstar as against all other Indian films released in China is that this film has a 25% revenue share deal like Hollywood releases. All the other releases were sold outright between the 3-6 crore levels which meant that was all they earned irrespective of business. Here if the film does 500 crore GROSS then the makers will get a 125 crore SHARE. This revenue share deal will probably be exclusive to Aamir Khan films as long as the numbers keep coming so other Indian films will still have it tough in China. The two day details of Secret Superstar in China is as follows.


Gross - $6.74m
Screen Avg - $323.28
Screenings - 55,526
Footfalls - 1,575,597

Saturday (not Final numbers)

Gross - $9.32 million
Screen Avg - $225.87
Screenings - 56,505
Footfalls - 2,040,293
Source Link: http://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3598
asked Jan 20 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (260,361 points)
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Omg footfalls are huge

8 Answers

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Best answer

A miracle indeed , hope it grosses more and more for Bollywood's sake

answered Jan 20 by shah Executive Producer (65,454 points)
selected Jan 22 by suhas
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This weekend Aamir Khan's stardom has gone another level. He is going to be the most prominent face ever of Indian film industry to the world .

answered Jan 20 by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,126 points)

That zaira is a good source of pure lusty boners to the gentleman u r talking to.

bro she is not 18 yet........

She has probably hit puberty 3-4 years ago.. Good for me.. Iam open minded.

You tharki rasacal leave something for us young.
@kashyap I am only 19, fine for me naah.

+4 votes

So aamir has every right to call world biggest indian movie star not some one like srk who is known by 100 foreigners...

answered Jan 20 by playboy Unit Manager (30,831 points)
+3 votes

Meanwhile BOI

answered Jan 20 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,749 points)
+2 votes

Poor charsi admin write a article with copying data from other sites with very less bakwas baazi yes still there are many wrong information as the collection was already gone past to 10.40 m$ , Dangal first 6 days collection was over 27m$ & for Dangal , Aamir sir already get 12.5% share from profit...
But look at the reaction he received from Aamir fans , hate comment are more compare to retweet but this charsi deserve every single moment.

answered Jan 20 by deepak_bishty Director (131,561 points)
+2 votes

Earlier 4 Females did wonders, now 1 of those 4 females, i think these girls are more popular rather than Aamir..... Kudos to girl power..... Sabasss.....

answered Jan 20 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,879 points)

Kuch aur ghode pehle daud chuke hain ... Bahubali , fan, any, mnik ... Lekin wo sab gadhe nikle

Bajrangi bhaijaan is also going to release ... Dekhte hain uss ghode mein kitna dum hai ... Ummid hai ki ye ghoda gadha na nikle

aisa bhi ho sakta hai ki baaki ke ghode itane marial hai ki race ke liye qualify hi nahi kar paa rahe.

Now girl power, eariler Aamir film lol.........

It's still Aamir's cameo there is no denying that and still see the collections

Bollyranga "Kuch aur ghode pehle daud chuke hain ... Bahubali , fan, any, mnik ... Lekin wo sab GADHE nikle" humour ke liye plus 1... i dnt understand y salman fans are behaving like shitting srk fans here on aamir stardom in china....

+2 votes


Now ensured that any year that Aamir has a release, he will at least have the Overseas HGOTY title, because no one can come anywhere near the collections that his movies are getting there.

answered Jan 20 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,232 points)
+2 votes

One thing is certain- The movie is well received otherwise it wouldn't have done this much on day 2. And again they use the word "Rejected" for india's collection when komal said it is the biggest hit for a small film.

answered Jan 20 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (77,007 points)

Well, the screens which it got on day 1, Aamir ensured that golmal gets and he allotted the screens. Komal nahata appreciated the gesture and later in his show called it the biggest hit roi wise and it's first time a small movie did that. He won't lie would he?.......

In that sense, Taare did less than welcome, Haider less than Bang bang .
Purely talking about commerce and not content, SS did more than other small films as SVS, Barielly ki barfi and it matched hindi medium..

Finally, Ra one also didn't perform as well, Tubelight also but they defended these two films.

SS trending in China shows that it's not as bad a film as BOI made it to be... They called it a sleepy film etc etc....
Either Aamir is so big that they are ready to see anything served to them or SS is indeed a good film. BOI has to agree on one thing here......

Heh? What logic is that? SS trending in China makes it more accepted in China. Doesn't change how it was received/rejected in India right.

BOI was harsh. Neither did Indian audience support not did SS succeed in winning their hearts here.

Limited appreciation it certainly got hence 62cr lifetime clashing with a big film like Golmal and doing more than Newton, Bareilly ki barfi, Shubh Savadhan, trapped etc with similar budget.

Somehow I feel that they don't like Aamir, this not only for SS. It applies for all going by all the commentary since 2013..... Don't u think so?

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