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thnx for sticking it at the top @mods


Charlie Bhai! Ola, had sent you a message on Whatsapp days ago. You offline there or changed the number?


Ankit..hey bro..asal mein Naya Phone kharida , toh usme purana wala sim nahin fit hora , toh Docomo ka office Jana padega, Jo mere Ghar se 15 km dur hai ... toh sim size ko modify karke mein purana number start karoonga khuda ki taufeeq milne ke baad jisse meri Nawabzaadgi kam hogi.
Pming u my new no. ...and also fcuk me ..22 days ago I was to review this Baadshah bhai's Post..zehen se nikal gaya

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It was very good bro, the slight pause in between the dialogues and the expressions were on point, its not exactly an easy scene to enact, and you did quite well. Are you into drama and acting only as a hobby or do you want to pursue it further? You definitely have potential.

answered by Producer (103k points)

Thanks a lot bro .......yeah, its one of those simple scenes which r difficult to enact when u try (cz u don't get much from the writing, no graph to play for the gallery), n also if u see what Irrfan actually did with this scene is just untouchable.......my story..my friend who okayed my scene, he then again saw Irrfan's actual scene n cursed me....''Irrfan sure or doubted honay k beech mein khailta hai, tu ny aik he ratt lgayi hoe h, aik he trha scene keya hai......Irrfan ki awaz ka use check kr'' etc ......so this scene of Irrfan now appears more difficult then many mainstream popular scenes, including many SRK scenes for me
wanted to pursue this as a career from my childhood but then dropped this idea.....hobby only....thanks again bro for the answer n compliment

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I will give you genuine and unbiased review.
That was very bad, expressions were totally out of sync with dialogue. It is easier to get intimidated by that scene and the reason is it was written and performed beyond excellence. Now the problem is you just performed the scene and you never put yourself into a depressed and anxious men's shoes. If you can't feel it, you can't perform it.
It was funny actually, the way you performed it.
If you want to perform this scene, then try not to sleep for at least 2 days. But better advise from me to you would be not to perform this scene again.

answered by Casting Director (19.8k points)

hahaha.......2din nhn soyoon ga.....advice taken

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I would leave watching movies if expressions were as flat as yours. I appreciate your guts. Nothing is good, nothing at all.

Baadshah bhai, acting ki dukan aapka nahin hai.

Have you ever watched a movie "The Room"?, The protagonist acted better than what you are doing here...

Apologies, but it's something that didn't have to come to internet. Hopefully, you will do it better or at least act next time...

answered by Costume designer (1.2k points)

Thanks for the feedback

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Please stop.... this is now getting out of hands ....
Waste your time with something else.
Like you can watch ceiling fan do its thing for hours .... that'll be better than this

answered by Star (146k points)

hahaha.....tu wahin ka wahin hai.....wohi sarray hoe answers...teri zindagi mein bhi taraqi sy jang hai

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Damn it.. I saw your this post and tried to log in but couldn't remember the password so reset it and then watched your video and I did enjoy it. Can't remember the scene from the film completely but, your version is good too. Especially, I still wonder how to keep remember all these long dialogues. Keep doing it. And, btw, mark this my return. I am back. :p

answered ago by Assistant Director (50.9k points)

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