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Check out the leaked pic of Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez & Saqib Saleem during the shoot of upcoming chartbuster Allah Dubai song from Race 3.

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asked Jan 20 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (255,448 points)
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Ye Song aag lagayega theatres mein........... public will dance like crazy as always......

He is coming back to the race

answered Jan 20 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,494 points)
selected Jan 22 by suhas
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Why Jacqueline Fernandez is overdressed and over covered ? She is wearing so much clothes .

answered Jan 20 by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,849 points)

Salman apni family audiences ko nahi dekhne dega ye sab. Hope he loosens up and let us have some fun.

Clever enough to say 4-5 years huh. Still won't stop me from sharing this.

Yup..i thought that dabang2 consists of few item songs, so I took the period from 2013-2018 to point out my grievances.

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Would be the biggest highlight of the movie. Bas remo makes a paisa vasool movie....wahi chahiye. Learn from AAA. TZH was full on entertainment.

answered Jan 20 by Intense Producer (117,336 points)
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Sets n costume looks weird for allah duhai song.... Till nw everything they released releated to race3 turned crap to me... They should release hd poster or video song hd pic just like race in below given ur pic... that wil increase buzz...

answered Jan 20 by playboy Production Accountant (28,897 points)

Huge debacle tubelight ?? well it was not but only underperformed wch did near 120cr with utter negative wom.... well actually tubelight was plus for tzh bcoz salman fans were hungry for The salman khan Movie like tzh... n tzh had scale n equipment like hollywood stuff sets n military weapons to keep buzz by releasin 1 2 pics... but they messed up... here i feel srk is marketting king by releasing its related stuff much prior to its release to build huge buzz.. such pics always excite people... remember that shadowed ett poster wch released 8 month before release... it show cased wht to expect from it... i want same for race3.. race is same potential movie like ett.. u need to showcase its related stuff to build excitement..

Considering the price it was sold at, that's the word. If you leave out the distribution price then it would seem just an underperformance.

Actually Salman "acted" in Tubelight unlike TZH. It was sad to see fans not appreciating. Tubelight was not a bad film, it just wasn't good that's all. But critics went all against it & fans didn't support enough. He gave a routine stuff in TZH & viola fans celebrated like how.

Your marketing is completely in sync with your content. A film like TZH needed to be subtle in marketing. You just had a Baahubali showing bollywood what's the true potential. South saw a huge flop just coz they vaguely used Bahubali as a reference in their marketing. Right during the making, YRF claimed Bahubali has made them spend much more money to the making of the film. That was enough.

It's a sequel, you over market it then it will crash like anything. Especially TZH considering it's content. Rather than bombarding it on the audience in the name of marketing, they opted for clever marketing, leaving only little & letting audience grab the film.

Race is still a thriller franchise. Thrillers always have limited scope. You show too much thriller & style then family audience will stay away. Salman brings in family audience & it's EID. They'll plan it accordingly. Salman is critic proof not audience proof.

M asking to show scale related stuff of race 3 like salman pic while riding bike anything related to scale... well salman was gud in tzh ... n in tubelight for me he was terrible specially in crying scene... he might be acted in tubelight but acting output look weird .... problem with salman is in some scene is too gud in some too bad...

That's coz of his character graph. The major difference was either he was crying or he was not crying. That's how his scenes were sorted. And till he slaps, all his reaction to anything was cry.

Actually he was extremely controlled in every scene he cried. The problem was such scenes were way too much. Once when Sohail leaves, once when he's pushed from the bridge, once when he sees dead bodies return, once when he realises Sohail is no more & the final scene. That's all was needed for Salman to cry. But Kabir relied heavily on making him cry frequently & also prolonged such scenes. Otherwise Salman was just fantastic in those scenes. Totally in control. The problem was when he was not crying. They made him look like a mentally disturbed man child but no proof was provided for that except that he's not intelligent to know how world works. Street smart & intelligence is two different thing. Kabir was confused in establishing this.

And riding a bike is not scale. Although I feel there will be more & more cars this time. Talking about Race 3. Little pics here & there, yes. But don't make it too frequent/obvious. Make fans wait till March considering there's already enough negativity & his marketing team needs to settle down before understanding how to handle it. No surprise in knowing all his future projects, majority will be helmed by family or friends from hereon.

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Excitement for Race 3 begins.
Mega chartbuster on way with this anthem song of Race franchise

answered Jan 20 by shah Executive Producer (60,180 points)
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Handsome salman and pretty Jacky

answered Jan 20 by Imran Ronan Set Designer (2,318 points)

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