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Good trailer, though expected more but Victor hai, RAJAMOULI nahin.
A Khan commercial movie+ Item song by Kat 50+ opening is sureshot.
Scale looks top notch going by Bollywood standards, Aamir's role looked inspired by Jonny Depp's Jack.
Amitabh is mind blowing, Fatima looks like the lead actress and megastarini Kat is again only a dancer after getting a good and impact full role in tzh
Aamir knows how to use kat, she looks lethal and gorgeous and though her role will be short 15-20mins type.
So Aamir is all set for another record breaking movie, don't expect another Good movie by ACE because it was never meant to be that.
A universal action adventure movie on Diwali festival blockbuster written all over it

answered by Camera Operator (9.5k points)
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How to make TOH.

1.) Take a bowl full of POTC

2.) Add powder of Mangal Pandey

3.) Sprinkle with chikni Chameli

4.) Mix patriotism for taste

5.) Stir it for an year fooling people

6.) Garnish it with horrible VFX

7.) Present it to people

And on serious level, I thought that they'll take the inspiration from POTC & it's characters just for thematic stuff & posters or looks, but nope, they are going to milk it, well what can one say, it is, what it is.

Not sure if Thugs Of Hindustan, or Thugs Of People's IQ..??

answered by Mega Star (204k points)

Yes you can do troll , trend, boycott , online polls but that is where your restrictions start because all these tikdhambaazi not helps you to get movie collection..
Regarding collection & you not care that is because everyone knows his capability, thinking of 300-400 Cr for srk movie , sochna bhi mat auqat se bahar hai.


u missed Rang De Basanti look.....his look when he was walking around during shoot was better than what we got in the film.....should hv used hair catch


Enough to Cross Crass movies like Jthj, jab harry, raees, fan etc in 3 days...

How to make zero
1. Take a bowl full of Kamal hassan 90's film called Appu raju
2. Beg, lick the feet of Anand rai
3. Add Cameos and Item Songs.
4. Add 2 big actresses
5. Start promoting it a year before the release.
6. Bring another top actor and release another teaser during eid
7. Present it to people

On a serious not will zero star Shahrukh, can he cross Dhoom 3(2013) Aamir's worst this decade?.... or should we wait for his next film which Aamir donated to Shahrukh?


Let it cross whatever it want, truth won't change that these are B Grade VFX that shouldn't have any place in so called biggest movie of the Bollywood lol.

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Expected better aka aamir khan standard. Kat is . Big B is also good. Movie will score big coz of the scale, cast etc. Quality wise I think it will be better than Dhoom 3. Thats it.

answered by Production Accountant (21.7k points)
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To be honest Trailer is strictly Average and will be trolled more than Race 3 without any doubt, the vfx work is below paar coz cost was the highest about 250cr but product is substandard going by the trailer

answered by Production Accountant (23k points)
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Scale wise its epic... If they pull off the story well.. We ll see first bollywood 400 crore grosser... This time Aamir Khan movie needs opening power as WOM doesn't see that exciting

answered by Second Unit Director (74.1k points)
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Cartoonish vfx.bahubali was far better in term of vfx.why are they saying grandest for this cartoon..

answered by Camera Operator (9.8k points)
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Here comes 1st Hindi film to cross 50 Cr Day 1 with 550 Cr Lifetime guaranteed

answered by Location Manager (7.3k points)

550 cr don't get so high man

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Amitabh and Katrina look very good...rest average
Extra .5 for Katrina

answered by Location Manager (6k points)
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This is heart breaking stuff aamir khan doing chichorapan. The film may earn whatever, I simply don't care if the product is pedestrian. Total wastage of Amitabh and fatima who r maintaining the same expression through out the film.. and most importantly the screenplay looks stale.. Yash Raj films are known for their mediocrity, but not aamir ..he already worked with vector in dhoom3 which was the worst Aamir film this decade.. So it's Aamir's fault that he approved this stuff .

answered by Director (122k points)


@Saurabh ..Insults and abuses will get u banned.. first warning..hide your comment.

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Me at 2.18

Me at 2.43

Truth be told only the Katrina parts excited me (for obvious reasons) and did not feel any emotion while watching the other parts of the trailer. Disappointing!

answered by Set Decorator (1.4k points)
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not very exciting for me but it'll get the audience into the cinemas for sure.

i was expecting a more serious movie but here it seems like Aamir is mostly doing comedy and then by the end he will become a better person and help Amitabh and Fatima instead.

answered by Unit Manager (38k points)
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This is where I would post my opinion after the long time of disappointment. It looks like a regular India-England flick with a stereotypical storytelling; costs on this movie could be at the higher end, and it could be a next Mangal Pandey! It doesn't have anything new for moviegoers and that's certainty....

answered by Location Scout (3.7k points)
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Such a horrible presentation. Plot looks very ridiculous. C grade VFX and pathetic dialogues and above all that intolerable shades of aamir khan. Worst way to inspire from Pirates of Caribbean.
Nothing exciting, so some rebels fighting british and then they give someone money to catch those rebels, some item songs, same camera angles to introduce bad guy. I am wondering why to use sea and boats, hope that relates to India and british raj in the story.
Coming to characters, 2 briefly introduced characters, first is aamithabh, looks pale and unconvincing. Aamir looks too bad trying to replicate a legendary character, he looked most ridiculous at the end of trailer when he suddenly became serious.
0 out of 5.

answered by Casting Director (19.9k points)

Sorry I forgot to mention hideous background score. For an example during Aamitabh introduction someone shouted aaiyaaaaa aaiyaaaa. Seriously WTF was that?

+1 vote

Not as what was expected but will earn big coz of Aamir. Replace him with any other star it will 100% under perform.

answered by Art Director (2.9k points)

Bro in the trailer amitabh is overshadow aamir in it. I think dhoom 3 safe this time.

+1 vote

Everything looks cheap and unfinished.

The art direction, the background music and oh the Sasta Jack sparrow! Wouldn’t expect any less from Victor.

answered by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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quite boring no newness in trailer

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)
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yeah .... 400cr is there for the taking..... but there will be huge amount of negativity ....
its a great trailer.... for movie going audience..... not so much for online users.... visual effects are cartoonish for sociaal media peeeple ..... but in single screens, and B centres..... it will create havoc.... that includes south as well.... aamir khan ko bht negativity milne wali hai is movie se....
250cr week 1 araam se karegi....

on personal level...im hugely disappointed..... i didn't expect such a b grade looking product .... after such hype.... its visuals looked like kochaadiyaaan....of rajinikanth. the cartoon movie.
but its all business at the end of the day.... and this movie only on the base of hype... can become all time grosser.

answered by Star (149k points)

You got Katrina the way you wanted (if not exactly you wanted but the way CBFC allows). I really didn't expect the play safe contradictory answer from you.


the first half of answer is about how audience is going to receive the movie....
second half is my personal point of view....

contradiction aati hai..because i personally didn't like dangal Chennai express both are all time grosser.... !! and i have always been vocal about how much i hate dangal.

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What the hell was those vfx shots even baahubali had better vfx than this
Disappointed with the trailer but still diwali+action huge opening is there rest lets see how it sustains

answered by Production Accountant (26.1k points)
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Surely we can't say that this is something else or extraordinary but still very good trailer which is going to destroy all Box office records in this Diwali solely because of Aamir credibility..
Coming to VFX not on the same level of our so called bhojpuri Ra one which was a complete torture or Fan which was again a substandard cartoonish one.

answered by Director (128k points)

I ain't talking about race3 here.and as far as ra.one is concerned,its far far superior than this spoof of potc


Still this spoof going to destroy torture 3 inside extended weekend..


Yes it will surely pass Raone's collection in 3 days but on any day the VFX of raone is much much much... Better than TOH.
For life time collection the content matters the most, Raone gave the best opening at the time of its release, it failed coz of it's bad content.


No problem with srkians comments as they are habitual of shit starring srk that's why they can't appreciate others...

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Well to be honest i didn't like the trailer ..
Amitabh & Fatima's entries were good & rest story didn't look convincing at all ...
may be it will be a new age Kranti ...

answered by Editor (80.9k points)
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It's a very good trailer on the whole. Grand in scale and big B looks so damn majestic. Aamir is the perfectionist that he usually is. The vfx is not impressive. It's cartoonish at places and leaves much to be desired.

answered by Producer (111k points)
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Trailer was good but missed wow factor.... may be bcoz of aamirs funny character.. every one expected him to be in tough character like big b....thats y.. well abt vfx is avg to good not great something we have not seen.. n those who are complaning abt vfx need to see back that u are same people who got orgasms by watching cartoonish movie bahubali 2 vfx..

answered by Production Accountant (28k points)
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Another ATBB loading for Aamir Khan.

answered by Production Accountant (20.6k points)
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Not just diwali biggie, It's the biggest of this decade by a margin.

It's also Aamir's first Dot Holiday release since 3 idiots.

Sarkar another big south film releasing won't bother Thugs unlike How Bahubali bothered Bajarangi(In north, west, East India)..
India and china combined will be more than last 5 combined of other big stars combined.

Easily it will take 4-5 years for other actors to break the opening of this. Be it India, Overseas or worldwide. Lifetime Pk is a challenge for others lol

Already 60m views in less than 2 weeks shows Why aamir sir is the daddy of bollywood and this time he is coming with full fledge commercial entertainer

2 rs site like BOI will have to look for Excuses when it releases. Let's see what they have got now.

answered by Second Unit Director (74.7k points)
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