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Salman Khan is known for his swag se swagat attitude. A power-packed performer, the Sultan of Tinsel Town shares his views on launching newcomers in Loveratri, films and more. Read on…

Words Sanjana Shetty

What challenges do you face while launching a newcomer in the industry, especially with the cut-throat competition these days?

It is a big challenge. The challenge is not to launch the person but what happens after the launch. In the past, actors like Bachchan sir, Shatruji could survive flop pe flop but the work kept on coming. A newcomer may have good looks, can be a great actor and dance well, but for some reason if the film doesn't work, then he/she is gone. When Ajay, Shahrukh, Akki, Aamir and I were launched, we had a lot of support, the press was really nice to us, apart from me (laughs), mera beginning se hi kuch problem tha! But today, there is the social media which enjoys trolling even the smallest of mistakes. The positivity from the past is diminishing and we have to work on it.  I feel we should stick by new actors and guide them to pick good scripts.

How did Loveratri happen?

When you see talented people who make your head turn around, they deserve to be launched. I had an idea about a similar film earlier but with a different angle. But when I saw Aayush, I made a few necessary changes to the script and came up with Loveratri.

Did you make any suggestions for the film's content?

I had an idea for it. Love is supreme, ultimate, hai na? You love your family, your wife, your brother, your sister, your girlfriend. Even agar jhagda hota hai and you are not talking for whatever reason, but during festive time or the time when a person needs you the most, like an illness, everyone comes together forgetting the enmity. So that is what I exactly thought about while putting the film out. I wanted to make a film that revolves around love and festivities, celebrating those nine days of Navratri within a beautiful love story. The film is about an NRI girl and an Indian boy and their love story which blossoms during those nine days of festivities.

How did you meet the female lead of Loveratri, Warina Hussain?

We have a mobile application called BeingInTouch and Warina is a registered member of the same. Before starting with the casting process, we had in mind that we would like to select someone from the BeingInTouch appSo we asked the modelling agencies and Mukesh Chhabra (casting director) that auditions should be done keeping in mind the same criteria. Then there were these 3-4 girls selected for the final auditions where Warina was the one of them.

The best thing about her was that during the auditions, when she was asked for her number by the one who was taking her test, she refused to share it. She said, 'Main apko mera number nahi dungi. Agar contact karna hain toh agency ko kijiye'.  So, we were basically testing her out and we really liked her attitude. Then Abhiraj made her shoot a scene and her way of speaking and everything was nice and in about 100 people, she was the one selected. She suits the character, and I feel that the casting has been done perfectly.

ctors need the X-factor to be successful. Do you too predict the same for the Loveratri  newcomers?

Yes, they have it in their personality. I don't know where I lacked that (laughs). But everyone I see has some quality to them.

What qualities do you want Aayush to learn from you?

Oh no, he is married to my sister and also has a kid. Yeh meri qualities se jitna door rahe, utna accha rahega!(laughs)

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hahhaahaa....yeah...i would probably the first one there ....... but its not because of social media boom...... i just wanna tease everyone.... make fun have good time.... and its not like ... im doing it to hurt anyone.... or may be i do i dont know.... it so complicated....
but one thing im certain about is.... i have always been like this.... i'll tell you a story ... i did it many times... me and a friend of mine.....
like when im going on a the middle of huge crowd..i look and point towards the clear sky ...haha and say loudly and with scared tone..... oh teri wo kya hai hahhaha .... and then everyone would look up ..and i duck .... as if its about to hit us all....and most of them would duck hahaha i swear.... to you.... and then look around have a laugh . alongwith everyone who just got trolled in real life..... its fun its all fun.... we do it to have a laugh.

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U r a legend grandie... ..jab mein 12th mean tha tabh mein 5 rupay ka sikka lighter se garam karke class mein phenk deta tha.. Koi chewtia uthaya toh...

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That's how people are in general. They enjoy trolling. The difference is social media gives them the opportunity to remove any bounds of decency.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)

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