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We requested Akshay Kumar to move release date of his film ahead, he agreed. Will be grateful to him for a lifetime. - Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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265 views asked Jan 19 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (255,656 points)
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No one is friend in business. MohenjoDaro also had mammoth budget. It's a mutual decision by both the team; Padmavat and Padman. This friend-friend, request, thankful, grateful and blah blah blah are just dramas to justify the postponement.

inspired ans.

answered Jan 19 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (36,741 points)
selected Jan 22 by suhas

Yes, agreed to all the points you made
Both the teams gone for their own gain.
Hritik was also friend, MohenjoDaro budget was also huge.
Till yesterday Akki was like republic day can accommodate 2 releases, advance booking was also about to start.
Everything for business.
This isn't good gesture it's clever gesture.

Was MJD facing any problems? Did Hrithik asked Akshay to move?

Come on.
Here Yrf & kjo can clash with Srk, Akki can clash with his friend hritik & neeraj.
In business everyone looks for their own gain not only Akki everyone
It's a mutual decision.

Dude, I'm not saying that Akki runs away or anything like that. I just said that a mutual decision by both the teams.

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When you clash with a film facing protests.......... Turn a blind eye, who cares..!!

When your movie face similar protests.......... Oh, please don't clash with us, please, look at us we are in problem, look at my crocodilian tears, please bu hu hu..!!

Huh, so much for being noble..!!

answered Jan 19 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,768 points)

Actually people care about IPL teams more than Clothing brands, it's India, Cricket is religion, IPL is a phenomenon, and KKR have massive brand value..!!

People DO VARE about the IPL team more than Clothing brands, trust me..!!

You think aamir or sk or hr cant buy a team? Na. Not the case. Add weddings also...I believe that is a sizeable chunk of SRK'S brand value

Why do you think he goes in weddings..?? He don't go in weddings fo no reason, he is called, requested to, people think he can make their special day more special and memorable..!!

someone who really needed sympathy was back in 2015, but no one came forward.... haha here some burned thunder ball is crying on diwale protest n wanna want sympathy for it which was not even 0.111% of protest held for padvamati... even pk has bigger protest compared to diwale... but inki rone ki aadat kidhar jaegi... ..

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everyone can see that Akki has moved right after the court ordered the ban to be removed, and this is being used as a cover for Akki moving.

answered Jan 19 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,825 points)

Haha....... shathir nazar..

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Totally drama by both the teams akki came to know padma has huge buzz and hype and it will eat padman up severely and on top of that the order of supreme court add the fuel so hi postponed it with the fear of losing up the clash badly that's it

answered Jan 20 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,932 points)
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Same he could have done with Bajirao. He didn't request Shahrukh?.......

answered Jan 20 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (75,193 points)

Why should he request Shah Rukh? It should've been Srk requesting back then. He took it upon his ego to not ask. Bigger money was involved in BM.