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The third and final update of the site's done! Now check your user profile pages to see the changes!

New features:
Wall system (go see yourself)
Enhance profile page (go see yourself)
Site loads Faster
Better point functionality
Good Look ;)
* and many more!

Do you like it??

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Good work John keep it up buddy

answered by Production Accountant (27.8k points)
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Great Work Bro....Site Is Awsome Now!!

answered by Star (141k points)
Thank you, hope you will stay in the forum for long!
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Cool...It's looking better now, wall system is cool, profile page is looking good especially the new activity bar, background is also looking better.Yeah, It's good & better now.

answered by Production Designer (14.9k points)
Thank-you @invi! ;)
though a small one but check that login box & search box, letters are not visible fully, while typing there.
Hey, that is due to the browser! But will surely check!
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liked it very much.i think now this forum will click to the users very much.

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Thanq bro! I hope users will like it!
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Where are these updates?i cant find

answered by All Time best! (269k points)
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Check you profile page or someone elses! You cab now post one someone else's wall!!

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