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It's simple, he's mot making big budget movies. His movies are medium budgeted and even if he makes less money than the competition, he can still win, like Gold vs SMJ. Made 20% less money still is the winner of the clash.

Here he will get a good boost from national holiday and then if the movie is even decent, it will make enough to be a hit. He's the only one really catering to these mass audience with exteme action movies.

What will be interesting is whether Made in China also releases on this date or moves.

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As of now it's 3 way clash between Brahmastra vs Made in China vs John Abraham starrer. You can easily expect 3 way clash being averted. Probably Made in China will get postponed or pre-poned depending on external factors.

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ye nahe peechhhe hattay ga..... he has all the reason to stay persistent for this release date....
he gave his second biggest grosser in his almost 19 years old career on this date with a clash ... and a 18cr opening.. BTW i hope its romeo akshay W something movie....

though i myself will be looking forward to brahmastra... because its a daring projecct


1 - ranbir kapoor left a one of the main lead roles from star wars force awakens for this movie.
2 - 300cr budget
3 - ayan mukerji makes lasting movies..... both wake up sid and yjhd stayed in cinemas for long time.... meaning they both got accepted .... which further implies he makes good movies.
4 - daring project

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have you seen ranbir kapoor's interview with rajeev masand ... in ranbir kapoor's grandparents house??? he says all that in that interview.



here you go. he was asked to audition for it, not offered, and he decided it would be better to make his own fantasy franchise. plus he didn't want to audition.

the idea that he was outright offered a second lead in Star Wars is ludicrous, so is the idea that he said no because of Brahmastra.

he said no to a movie that was released in December 2015 because he wanted to do a movie that itself started shooting in Feb 2018


still i think he's a humble guy... i have never seen him speak highly of himself or demean anyone ....


yeah he's humble, I didn't say he isn't, just that this Star Wars thing is false.

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Rip brahmastra. By the way you should have added magnum opus starting the greatest actor in the country .

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