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Footfalls Salman Shahrukh Aamir Akshay Ajay      Hritik    
1cr+     32      31    21    25    19     10
2cr+     14       9    8     2      1      4
3cr+     5       3    4     0      0      2
4cr+     2      1     1     0      0      0
5cr+     1       0     0      0      0      0
6Cr+     1       0     0      0      0      0
7cr+      1       0     0      0      0      0

Though here number of movies done by Aamir & HR (especially HR)  is significantly lower which gives them disadvantage againest someone for example Sir who has done 5 times more movie than Hr and 3 times more movie than Aamir

asked in Box Office Related by Camera Operator (8.5k points)
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Khans are ruling the chart as always.

answered by Production Accountant (21.6k points)
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Hopefully MPK will have 5 crore footfalls,4 was confirmed

answered by Assistant Director (48.9k points)
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Who the heck is sir..??

answered by Mega Star (203k points)

Right now the 3rd biggest superstar of Bollywood according to boi popularly known as Nonholiday King.


3rd biggest, lol


Yup & he does 100cr with excellent reviews on a date which consists of I-day, parsi new year, rakshi & 5days long weekend

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See the number of movies hrithik does and compare them with akshay. Makes a lot of things clear

answered by Producer (109k points)

Have clearly said that in the post itself,Akki has done 112+ movies, 5 times of HR
In a right movie HR is easily bigger than Akki.

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Salman also has one 4 cr ff film not 2, i.e hahk.

answered by Unit Manager (30.6k points)

Maine Pyaar Kiya


In an article related to the comparison of dhadak with films of other debutantes, boi put mpk , betaab, qsqt all in the 3 cr footfall range,. Had mpk achieved 4 cr ff, boi wud hv mentioned it separately.......



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If hrithik gives 1 4cr footfall movie and 2 3cr footfall movies till he retires,then it is enough to put him the khan's league....

answered by Set Designer (2k points)
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Aamir Has 5, 3 cr footfalls- Dil Will Have 3 cr footfalls even as per Old BOI It would have had 2.8 cr footfalls when its collections were also less.

9, 2 Cr footfalls- Qsqt Declared A Huge Hit By BOI. That Blockbuster is sure to have above 2 cr footfalls.

24, 1 cr footfalls- 4 in 2010 decade, 8 In 2000 decade, 12 from 1988-1999
(before 1994- qsqt, Tum mere ho, Dil, DHKMN, JJWS, HHRPK)

answered by Production Accountant (20.8k points)

Dil Chahta hai had less than 1.5 crores footfalls; and was an average; and it was a good movie. Everything good was not liked by us then. DCH was a trendsetter. Rancho, you need to prove yourself.


what are you saying?
where did Dil chahta hai come from?
Trendsetter good movie and all that
why are you talking out of context?


And In Case You Dont Know Dil Was A Blockbuster Movie Of Aamir And Madhuri Of 1990.
It Was Highest Grosser, Biggest Hit And Most Watched Film Of The Year Clashing With Another Blockbuster Of Sunny Deol Titled Ghayal!

Donot confuse it with Dil Chahta Hai.


Oh yeah, I remember that film Dil too, it was good. My bad, Rancho...

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Instead of post-statement, you would have posted the total count of movies, dear brother. You are straightaway in some sorts of hatred towards Akshay and Salman, and you love for Aamir and Krishh seems to be more. A person can't change anything at all, you will be waiting for Mangal Pandey - the downfall of Amisha Patel, part 7th next.

answered by Art Director (3k points)

Hrithik is easily a much bigger star than akshay. He himself is a Salman fan, why would he hate him?

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