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Hisaab 25 saal ka, hahahaha..!!

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Your views on 25 saal ka hisaab..??
asked Jan 17 in Sports Related by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,795 points)
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Well done tb. Dance to jabra fan at johannesburg now. And make sure you get abd to shake a leg too.

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answered Jan 17 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,129 points)
selected Feb 15 by THUNDER BIRD

Tiger I do love my nation. That’s why pains to see what is happening with Padmavat. These ** are ruining our country’s

We all love our nation.... Kbhi kbhi jokes wagerah toh chalta hai.

Tiger.. Don't include me in All..

Okay.... U r removed now @Charlie ]

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And what's even nore funny is that people were thinking that india will win
Even here on forum people were saying that india will win the series

answered Jan 17 by SSk Production Accountant (25,682 points)

Hahahaha... These Indians...

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Iam not surprised. I have seen this before that the current lot of players struggle to play even 60-70 overs on little tougher pitches..Infact I was predicting many 2 digit team totals from this team but their avg was around 180-200..so congrats for that.

answered Jan 17 by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,928 points)
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Apne Ghar me kutta bhi sher hota hai - this phrase suits kohli very well, overrated player, good at only shouting, abusing n overacting.........

answered Jan 17 by saransh Unit Manager (30,718 points)

For the first time.....I agree

Lol.... Kuch bhi? Kohli might be an overconfident/over aggressive or even overrated captain but as player he's not at all overrated....he's world's best player at the moment. And I'm saying this despite being a ABD admirer.

I agree with the shouting and over aggression. Virat and Steve smith are the best in the world as batters.

My last comment was for saransh's ans not for ur comment.

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Not surprised at all as the way India team have played so far they don't deserved to win or atleast draw a test match...
And when your bowler like Ashwin , Bhuvi shows better character in batting compare to our flat track champions then how can you even think in of a balanced team like south Africa in their home pitches...

answered Jan 17 by deepak_bishty Director (131,020 points)
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None of the Indian captains also won any for your information. Virat, the lone tiger

answered Jan 17 by Imran Ronan Set Designer (2,318 points)
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Ill tell you. I am not a troller nor do I live in denial. SRK gave a hit film in 2014 yet he is the biggest and duniya ka sabse bada superstar for you

Indias batting was rotten. Virat kohli....genius with the bat and absolute trash with his captaincy. Kept talking of intent and his team showed none of it. I want him to learn from this or else he will end up being another loudmouth like SRK. All talk and no performance.

answered Jan 17 by Intense Producer (117,733 points)

I already told you, no doubt on his batting, it's his attitude and ego.

BTW SRK is all show, otherwise how did a person from Delhi became one of the most successful star and 2nd richest actor in the world along with lots of critical acclaim too. Please explain that..??

Pawan Kalyan gave his last hit in 2013 say someone he is not star in Andhra Pradesh.
Anyways Jaadu gave last hit on his stardom in 2006. What is he now.

Jatinder stay away You wont understand. Keep your box office facts to yourself as everyone knows you dont know a thing about box office. @tb kohlis dad passed away when he was 16. He hasnt had it easy in life at all.

He needs to tone down the bravado now. He has potential.

Intense, brother abb yeh father waali baat ghallat kar di. Aggar kohli kattal kar degga tou chor dein kiyunke father ki death jaldi ho gayi and he hasn't had an easy life? That is the reason why he's able to work under pressure, the reason why he is so focused on his game during batting. Attitude and ego doesn't come because of that.

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