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While TED Talks India hosted by Shah Rukh Khan has seen a six week long run on television by far, we hear that the results or rather the TRPs haven’t been impressive. With the makers contemplating on a return with the second season, we hear that they are keen on retaining their host Shah Rukh Khan for the same.

Shah Rukh Khan returned to the small screen as a host after his stint in 2011 and this time around, he was a part of the show that encourages innovation – TED Talks India. Presenting the inspiring of stories of many from different walks of life, Shah Rukh himself was a guest in one of the seasons of TED Talks – the original US version. While his episode garnered much attention, thanks to his quirks and wits, the actor was equally excited to bring forth the same to India.

However, the show that went on air on Star Plus in December hasn’t been able to get as much attention as expected. The makers, during the launch of the show, had decided that they wouldn’t extend the show and will cut it short if it fails to gain viewership and will return with a fresh new season.

Considering the current situation, it is being said that the makers are indeed deciding on wrapping up the first season as they gear up to start work on the next season. However, it seems that they are quite happy with Shah Rukh Khan as the host and hence have been wanting him to continue to host the show even for the second season. But we hear that the actor is yet to give his nod.

As for the second season of the show, the makers are currently said to be locking the details. But once everything is finalized, it has been learnt that the second season may go on air during the occasion of Diwali. In fact, recent reports suggest that A R Rahman has been roped in as the first speaker on the show for its next season.
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TED talks ka season bhi qatam hone pe aagaya aur mereku maloom bhi nahi ke yeh iflaas TED talks mein kya to bhi baataaN hote ..kiske paas bhi agar phugat ka time hai toh samjhadalo.

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Indian people don't deserve TED, they deserve bunch of people fighting like baboons and ridiculous dancing shows, who cares about something that is beneficial for people & society..!!

by Mega Star (213k points)

Bijli Chirya Bro Satyamev Jayate was successful show


Different formats, SJ was much more into social cause and format was easier for masses to digest, TED isn't only social, it has different kinds of people coming to have 5-10-15 minutes of speech on different issues, that may or may not include social or just personal experience, some speeches or talk or actually most may or may not apeal to general people.

Besides that, timings..!!


Here comes @TB again...making Racist/Biased Comments against INDIANS.....
Thing is @TB..u don;t looks normal/nothing too serious ....when u use the Word "Indians" like that...and obviously it looks OK...when you are Indian too....

But thing is its a racist comment....imagine Baazigar says "Indians are morons"....nothing abt it/no-one will give a damn care....but when he says - "Pakistani;s are Morons"....suddenly it becomes an issue....bcos he is talking abt other country citizens.....but the Fact is "BOTH" statements are racist ones.....
I am an tell me why i don;t deserve TED Talk shows???
Tell me why i don;t care abt my Society if I am an INDIAN ???


@TB .. different formats for sure. But you forgot SMJ sold drama too and Indian audience are suckers for that. Only thing is they made it socially relevant with excessive research both on the issue & legal ways to tackle it. Otherwise, the high point of the show was it's emotions. Terrible nature of the issue - tears + audience - hope shown through the victim who has fought back - support + positivity among audience. However terrifying the issue was, SMJ sold hope in the end.

They had a challenge to keep SMJ different from other similar shows. Instead of limiting to an individual's problem, SMJ went all out. Be glad, we didn't get to see families fighting & Aamir consoling them. They maintained their show's dignity.

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