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India could have taken a first innings lead had rahane and bhuvneshwar was in the team
Rohit talented sharma showed his talent
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Taking Rohit Sharma instead of Ajinkya Rahane and replacing Bhubaneshwar Kumar with Ishant Sharma are AWFUL decisions.

Rohit's overseas test avg is below 20 runs and Ajinkya's avg is above 50 runs. Bhuvi took highest number of wickets and faced highest number of balls as batsman by any Indian player in the first test. Only Virat and Ravi Shastri know why the fcuk he's replaced by Ishant Sharma.

by Unit Manager (39.5k points)
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This is the reason why he didn't wanted kumble as coach
Kumble won't let kohli dictate like this
Ravi shastri well i don't need to say anything

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Well it is not right to blame kohli for everything yes bhuvi decision was very bad but Rohit was selected because of his good form in recent time while Rahane was struggled against srilanka in home pitches & very low in confidence...
kohli scored a brilliant hundred in first inning but where was the contribution from other batsman..

by Director (129k points)

Rohit scored against a weak lankan team on flat home pitches
Rahane is way better than rohit in overseas
Captain gets the blame dhoni went throught it and now its turn for kohli


No one denying about Rahane , ofcourse he is a better batsman compare to Rohit sharma...
But in cricket one thing which is matter the most is the confidence, Rohit play done very good knock in all forms of cricket while Rahane time was not good so for a captain a performing player always get preference..
Yes for bhuvi decision you simply can't justify it.

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I guess now you know why Kumble is not the coach of the team..!!

by Mega Star (218k points)

You still think that coach is not needed??


Yep. You need a man manager or as they call it....a director. Shastri needs to be dropped asap and dravid needs to take over. Anyone but shastri


But Dravid is same mould as of Kumble, and we all know how that turned out.

Point is Kohli wants Shastri, he is influential player, most powerful currently, he gets what he wants, so Shastri is untouchable unless Kohli wants to part ways with him.

And coach can play good role, see Mike Hesson with NZ, or you want to see closer, Moody for SRH, I know you don't see IPL as base, but it's just an example.

BTW Tom Moody too gave his resume for position for India's coach, but was rejected.


They can rope in a foreigner if kohli doesn't want dravid or that kind of a personality. Having a good man manager will help to take some pressure off kohli too.

0 votes

Any team with Parthiv as keeper will not win a test even ag Bd

by Editor (80k points)

Bhaisaab.. Bangladesh aajkal utni kamzor nahi Rahi.. Shayad Sri Lanka/westindies ko bhi harasakti hai aajkal.


Shah Parthiv Patel is the smallest issue here. Captain Saab needs to realise he is not Sunny Deol. Akeel nahi jita denge India ko

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This time, for the first time I have to criticise Kohli. Dumb as hell to leave out rahane. What is he smoking? Does he think Rohit will slam runs at 4.00 rpo and set up a match? Kohli is over aggressive whereas test cricket is a game of attrition too. With rahane in the side I would have stayed hopeful on day 5 too. He needs to learn really fast or else his batting alone won’t help his captaincy.

by Star (155k points)
–1 vote

Virat Kohli is a leader as a Batsman but I don't find leader as a Captain .He is over-aggresive which at times leads to arrogance .His decision making when it comes to Team selection is awful .If India gets whitewashed by SA in the Test series Kohli will face huge backlash and from what I have seen of Kohli He doesn't know to handle media when faced criticism. He should accept his mistakes instead of taking on his ego and justifying his Decisions .I wish he could have learnt some cricketing and decision making sense from Greatest Captain of India MS Dhoni .All those Dhoni Haters who blamed Dhoni for previous Overseas losses should now calm down

by Producer (103k points)

Not 7-8 years ..i ain't following cricket since November 2013 ........
Yeah mahn that's what I'm saying.. Ganguly did a terrific job as a mentor to these players that's why they peaked during dhonis captaincy ..u can't put dhoni above ganguly because dhoni got chance to eat the fruits of gangulys efforts..and... Only when he gets a terrific team he seems to do well .


And Team India is not delivering under Kohli's Captaincy despite being such a strong team .It's not always about Good Team .It's also about reaping best performance from your players as a Captain . Dhoni knew how to do that .At times he didn't as well but Kohli doesn't know how to do that .When Dhoni was Captain These Vijay Pujara Kohli Rahane were 15-20 Test old and still India's Batting performance was better than it is now in SA where All these 55-60 Tests old


Puneet, when Ganguly took over India were in absolute shambles. Ganguly made a test team. Dhoni inherited one. Huge difference. I am talking tests only. Msd is a better odi captain. Dada is Indias best test captain till date. Period


Dhoni is more luckier than Dada ... p

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