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Though the two have not been paired in a way that they could have been perceived to be the best together or ended up giving maximum hits , the two has been able to make an iconic pair in my view with their awesome chemistry
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To answer your question, NO.

She can not act. She can not say her dialogues properly. She is nothing but a beautiful face who has access to Salman Khan's heart and thereafter she can cry and get any movie she wants. Sometimes I feel Salman does not do justice to some others who are far more talented and need his support. But that is Khan for you. Dil me aayega, samajh me nahi..

Salman had chemistry with Rani, Preity and even Karishma. Katrina is not a patch on these beautiful and talented ladies. She looks good with Salman and thats that.

by Unit Manager (31.6k points)
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I agree with you that she's a crappy actress who can't act to save her life. She's been getting roles on a silver platter since she debuted. Her career almost went down the drain in 2016 until Salman Khan came to her aid and she's doing big movies now.


@Seinfeld,+1 can't agree more
Agar bhai na hote toh aaj bhi Katrina boom jaisi movies mein bhi nazar aati.
She is very lucky, her career was almost over lekin ab bhai ki wajhse 3 khano ki movie hai uske paas.may be bharat also.
Kya karein ab Bhai ko pyaar jo hogaya


@roman bhai ki bhi kya galti
Ab katrina jaisi ladki se pyar toh ho hi jayega

+1 vote

Iconic if you take only romantic scenes

by Set Decorator (1.5k points)

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