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Source : https://www.forbes.com/sites/robcain/2018/01/13/aamir-khans-china-collections-from-secret-superstar-could-bring-his-biggest-payday-ever/#689600f9586d

Secret Superstar is the first Indian film to be granted a lucrative revenue-sharing slot under China’s film import quota.

If you’re wondering why Aamir Khan is spending 7 grueling days criss-crossing the People’s Republic of China to promote his latest movie Secret Superstar, consider this: the film’s China grosses could bring the Bollywood megastar his biggest paycheck yet after the picture releases on January 19th.

That’s because Khan and his Aamir Khan Productions (“AKP”) were awarded a rare gift by China’s film authorities: Secret Superstar is the first Indian film to be granted a lucrative revenue-sharing slot under China’s film import quota.

Such valuable slots are routinely given to imports from Hollywood, but few are awarded to films from other countries. With their powerful government lobbying organizations supporting them and their big box office potential in China, American movies typically get 30 or so of the country’s 34 annual revenue-sharing slots.

The preferential treatment for Khan is undoubtedly due to the fact that he has become one of China's favorite and highest-grossing movie stars. Beginning with his 2009 comedy hit 3 Idiots, PRC movie lovers have grown increasingly crazy about the Bollywood movie mogul, and they have shown it by making blockbuster hits of his movies.

What the revenue-sharing status means for Aamir Khan is that, unlike his previous China theatrical releases Dhoom 3PK, and Dangal, Khan’s company and its partners (including his wife Kira Rao) and backers will receive 25 percent of the gross box office revenue Secret Superstar collects during its Middle Kingdom run. Dhoom 3, and PK were sold to Chinese distributors in buyout arrangements that probably brought Khan and AKP flat fees in the sub-$1 million range. He's said to have earned a sizable share of the grosses from Dangal, but not nearly as much as the 25 percent share that Secret Superstar will bring him.

Dangal, with its nearly $200 million China gross, may have brought Khan box office bonuses, but it’s highly unlikely that he earned more than a fraction on that film of what Secret Superstar could potentially deliver to him. If the picture comes in at the low end of my projections it will pay him and his company some $5 million to $6 million. At the high end his take could exceed $25 million.

If Aamir Khan's huge fan base turns up at China's multiplexes for Secret Superstar, they could make it Bollywood's global box office champion among movies released in 2017, and together with his upcoming film Thugs of HindostanSecret Superstar could make Khan India's highest paid movie star of 2018.

Source Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robcain/2018/01/13/aamir-khans-china-collections-from-secret-superstar-could-bring-his-biggest-payday-ever/#689600f9586d
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But But......in this forum.....people were saying that It was all bcos of the films-Dangal/PK etc etc.........and nothing bcos of Aamir.....if we put other stars in these films....it would have done the same business!!!!.....
So is it the Truth they were saying or it was just the damn god Jealousy??

by Production Accountant (29.9k points)
selected by

It was damn god jealousy and also some biasedness


Janab @Charlie, jealousy ka toh malum nhi magar kuch logo k double standard zarur saaf saaf dikh raha h. India me SS Aamir film nhi hai. But China release k time achanak Aamir film kaise ban gayi???

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A small correction required in the post as Aamir sir himself accepted in a interview that 12.5% share of Dangal was given to makers from China Collection..
Coming to Secret Superstar, be ready for another blockbuster from Aamir sir as Advance booking is already approx 180k$ at the moment (still 5 days remaining for the movie) , positive sign for a huge day 1..

by Director (128k points)
edited by

Isliye Bura lag Gaya Kya , ok Aamir ki cameo film is going to destroy all non Aamir film in overseas..


Main toh khush hu ki tumlogo k liye SS China me Aamir film h aur India nhi... Hahaha


Tumhari Khushi me hi hamari Khushi hai..


Badhiya hai....

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"Aamir Khan's China Collections From SECRET SUPERSTAR".........But but this is not an Aamir Khan film. He does just a cameo appearance, guest appearance, special appearance, adrak appearance and lahsun appearance.

by Unit Manager (36.9k points)

India me flop hui toh guest role.. china me chali toh main lead.

India me flop hui toh aamir ka role nahi tha waisa... china me chali toh aamir made it a hit.

This means only one thing. Aamir ko china chale jana chahiye. Yahan toh uske itne fans nahi.. in sorry. Fans hi nahi



–1 vote

Power of content can be seen here. Good movies elevate anyone

by Unit Manager (31.7k points)

Let us see how much revenue sharing Salman gets for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which is best/most loved movie according to salman fans


Ab bhojpuri lovers fans ko Kahi to nuksan Hoga na content ke naam pe ghanta milega aur release to mil hi jayegi 30th February ki..

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