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Still going busy.
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Coco 8/10
Arjun Reddy (with English subtitles) 8.5/10

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Saw a article from krk saying that ranveer singh and sushant singh rejected the hindi remake of arjun reddy and now arjun kapoor is doing the remake

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A lot of movies watched and this was a very strange week

Gangs Of Wasseypur(1) 8/10
Brilliant film from anurag kashyap
Acting direction story screenplay bgm music everything is perfect manoj bajpayee especially nailed his role

Gangs Of Wasseypur(2) 7/10
Liked it but a bit dull in comparison to the first part its like a very gud second half to an absolutely amazing first half
On a whole both the movies are one of the best movies ever made in india

Insidious last key 2/10
So when suhas bhai said not to watch this and waste money i decided not to watch it
But my over enthusiastic friends who are big fan of horror films said they will give pay for my ticket( i have a movie card so they only had to paid 25rs) and made me watch this absolutely pathetic boring film
I was just happy that i didn't lose my money

Kill Bill Vol(1) 5/10
I didn't liked it much tbh

Do Lafzon Ki Kahanii 4/10
Just another over the top cringy romantic film

Cast Away 5/10
Found it very average
But yesss tom hanks was brilliant as usual

Kung Fu Yoga 7/10
Found it very entertaining it has a lot of flaws but yett it entertains

A Perfect Getaway 5/10
It kept me hooked but the ending was too ridiculous too digest for me

Drive 6/10
Liked it very much but not quite a film to remake for the indian audience
They have to twist the script too much
Lets see what they can do

Venom 2/10
No words i just regret watching something like this

Iron Man(3) 8/10
Best iron man movie
Brilliant and entertaining

Movie of the week:Gangs Of Wasseypur 1&2

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Trapped -4.5/5 .Best Movie of 2017 .Raj Kumar Rao's performance was also best of the Year and Motawane Direction was again excellent after he did amazing direction in Udaan and Lootera
Hum Saath Saath Hai - Can't complete the movie .I can't believe Salman Khan has nothing to do in this movie and he was the star on whom movie relied .So many songs and Marriage Engagement videos bored me to hell .Most important role is of Saif but I found his role idiotic and he looked funny .1/5

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Bareilly Ki Barfi (6/10):

On rewatch the impact of the ending looms through the entire movie, but it is still a good and entertaining watch.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (8/10):

Possibly the best action movie I have ever seen. First sae it years ago, didn't like it then, but have always wanted to rewatch and re-evaluate. This time I had a ton of fun. The action was great, the comedy was great, the story was easy to follow, the actors were charming. Overall you can clearly see the effort everyone involved has put in and they deserve the success.

Arthur Christmas (6.5/10):

A rewatch. It's quite enjoyable and looks quite good. If you love christmas-y movies then this is right up your alley.

GoldenEye (5/10):

After watching this movie I have decided that I am just not into James Bond. This movie was quite good, if a little generic, until the second half, from then the romantic angle took over and I had to forward through the rest of the movie. It is decent enough if you're a James Bond fan, and Pierce Brosnan does a good job.

The Hitman's Bodyguard (7/10):

Extremely entertaining and funny movie. If you know the cast, then you know what to expect from this movie. It looks much more expensive than it is, the actors do a perfect job, the dialogues are good, and the movie goes by in a breeze.

Bang Bang (5.5/10):

First half good, second half OK. HR good. Katrina bad. Some stupid scenes, an over long plot, but a fine, glossy look and funny dialogues. Can be watched if there is no other option.

Adaptation (unfinished):

This movie threw me off from the very beginning. The look of the movie made me uncomfortable. Had to turn it off 15 minutes in. Not for me.

Contact (7/10):

An emotional and intelligent movie about space exploration and the first contact with aliens. It is a somber, dialogue-filled movie where you get to see the clash of ideologies between people regarding life, religion, and future of human species. The actors have done a good job, and the director clearly has a vision which he fully explores. Don't watch it if you are expecting action or big visuals.

It (6/10):

To my surprise this one is more of a comedy than horror. At points the inconsistency of the creature and his behaviour frustrated me. His powers aren't properly explained and at many points he just lets the kids go when he could have eaten them easily. The kids aren't very good actors, and the way the town is portrayed was also depressing. But overall the movie manages to build an interesting story around letting go of fear and relying on you friends so it gets a pass.

Girls Trip (6/10):

A routine comedy which goes through the motions, doing everything that you would expect a movie like this to do. It is elevated by the casts chemistry and Tiffany Haddish's breakout performance.

Happy Death Day (7/10):

A very funny and entertaining horror/thriller that knows exactly what it is and operates within those bounds. The final reveal is a bit disappointing and the reason behind this movie's story aren't explained, but it is a very fun watch that breezes past you.

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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (14th Jan - 27th Oct). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 204-244
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Aruvi [2017 - Tamil] = 9/10 [watched it with parents this time. Salute to the makers.]

Happy Death Day [2017] = 5/10 [Yawn only because I hated the principal character & the third act over stayed.]

Young Doctors in Love [1982] = 3/10 [Hardly a chuckle.]

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle [2017] = 6/10 [one time watch]

First Time Watches = Happy Death Day, Young Doctors in Love & Jumanji 2.

Movie of the Week = Aruvi & Jumanji 2.

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