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Judwaa 2 is a sensation on television proving to be the biggest Hindi language film of 2017 after Bahubali - The Conclusion. The film has put up numbers on second viewing that only six other films outside Judwaa 2 could do on first viewing.

The film is easily a bigger blockbuster on television than Dangal as its first two viewing numbers are as much as the first three viewings of Dangal. The film racked up over 90 lakh impressions on its second viewing adding to the 1.5 crore plus on first screening. This takes the total to nearly 2.5 crore in just two viewings.

The film has beaten the first screening numbers of big films like Bajirao Mastani, Raees, Dilwale, Airlift, Kaabil, and others on its second screening. The top films on television in 2017 in terms of first three screenings are as follows. Basically the five films below are the biggest HITS on television of 2017. The numbers are impressions which are the number of television sets viewing the film.

1. Bahubali - The Conclusion - 5.85 crore

2. Judwaa 2 - 2.45 crore (2 Screenings Only)

3. Dangal - 2.39 crore

3. DJ - 2.12 crore  Telugu film Duvvada Jagannadham dubbed)

5. Toilet Ek Prem Katha - 1.86 crore

If we take the last two years then Bahubali - The Conclusion and Sultan are the biggest blockbusters on television. Bahubali - The Conclusion is a one horse race is unbeatable but Judwaa 2 could go ahead of Sultan which has 3.4 crore impression in first five screenings and Judwaa 2 is in with a good chance of beating that.

Source Link: BOI
asked in General by Unit Manager (37.2k points)
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6 Answers

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Sign of Varun Dhawan becoming a star to reckon with

answered by Assistant Director (48.9k points)
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Varun Dhawan is certainly the biggest star among youngsters right now.

answered by Production Accountant (20.5k points)
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Well who cares, which movie made overall money..?? That's what matters..!!

answered by Mega Star (203k points)
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Varun is definitely a much bigger star now.

answered by Location Manager (5.6k points)
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Based on this fake data now they will say that bollywood should make more movies like Judwaa 2 rather than Dangal.


Dangal had way better TRP than Sultan overall ... and they are saying

If we take the last two years then Bahubali - The Conclusion and Sultan are the biggest blockbusters on television

Anymore proof required for their bias against Aamir ?

answered by Camera Operator (9.5k points)
edited by

They keep blaming Dil Chahta hai for multiplex based movies.

If Dangal, Dil chahta Hai kind movies are made correctly then audience will come to watch. By glorifying success of movies like Judwaa2, BOI is actually promoting medoicrity rather than asking bollywood actors/directors/producers to challenge themselves and focus on story telling.

This is similar to item songs, few years ago there were item songs in every movie. Those songs got lots of view and may be genreated lots of profit but in long term very few of them are remembered.

If bollywood keep making movies like Judwaa 2, whose gonna remember those movies in 10 years. If directors would've thoought like this we wouldn't have got Guru Dutt, Satyajeet Ray etc

I agree that Dangal / Dil chahta hai kind of quality movies can't be easily made again and again but what bollywood need is quality masala and comedy movies. Look at old masala movies of Big B. Even govinda's comedy movies were far better than Golamaa series / Judwaa 2 etc


The audience are still limited for film like Dil Chahta Hai. Yes BOI is harsh but their assessment is only based on the theatricals & ofcourse TV ratings. It's also a fact DCH didn't receive the love it duly deserved

And BOI isn't promoting mediocrity. You've less audience for a films like DCH or any of those "class" based films (wrong term which I open heartedly disapprove) compared to a Judwaa 2 or Welcome Back or even Mubarakan. Major section of the audience from all centers prefer this. No matter how much better stand up comics you have, chalega toh Kapil hi or anybody in those standards. The better talents famous on YouTube just don't work on TV or mainstream.

Coming to item songs.. it's just the trend. It still exists. You have the main heroine of the film dance for it instead of an item dancer or a special appearance by a top heroine. There hasn't been decade since 60s to say there were no item songs. Leave decade, there hasn't been an year.

If Bollywood doesn't cater to the majority of audience, there will not be an industry to rely on. Can it survive if a routine TZH doesn't click & a bigger name sticks to Tubelight, Dhobhi Ghat & Swades? Definitely no. films are content driven, industry is star driven (by this not just actor but also star director, star producer & even star distributor).

You & me are just a small section disliking Golmaal series or Judwaa 2. They still are audience first preference. Not Ankhon Dekhi.be it on theatre or TV. Boi won't change their narration until audience change their preferences.


Audience has shown interest in movies like Dangal, PK, 3 Idiots ad those are biggest grossers. These are all quality commercial movies. Why should directors make dumb comedy movies when director like Hirani, rhishikesh mukharjee or even David Dhawan has shown that there can be good commercial movies with good story.

SO what does industry wants ?

10 Judwaa ot say 20 Hera Pheri ?

3 Idiots / PK / Dzngal ... none of those had item songs. If dumb script, stupid comedy and item songs brings audience then why movies with those have never became ATG ?


PK, Dangal & 3 Idiots are different. Remove Aamir Khan from it & just cast a non-famous then see the results. Without a known face, where would they stand?

And how will the production houses get the funding approved? Do smaller films generate them? One Tiger Zinda Hai will support YRF in making 5 Hichki. Remove that one big film then there won't be those smaller films.

You started with quality & mentioning the 3 biggest grossers. That's the point. With Aamir Khan, ppl came in boards to watch 3 Idiots but with same Aamir Khan, audience didn't come for DCH.

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If we take the last two years then Bahubali - The Conclusion and Sultan are the biggest blockbusters on television. Bahubali - The Conclusion is a one horse race is unbeatable but Judwaa 2 could go ahead of Sultan which has 3.4 crore impression in first five screenings and Judwaa 2 is in with a good chance of beating that.

May be this chaman phutiya the charsi admin don't know that Dangal 3rd premiere viewing was more than Sultan 1st premier rating so its like Dangal first three premier was close to 3.50 cr more than sultan 5 premier still Judwaa 2 is chasing sultan instead of Dangal , height of Phutiyapa..


answered by Director (128k points)
edited by

Ok prove it & even if it was for 4th premier then still first 5 premier wise Dangal >>>>>> Sultan...


21 May, World Tv Premier on Zee TV : 16.263M,
28 May, 2nd Airing on Zee Tv] : 4.638M,
[In June & July : Dangal may be air on Zee Tv but data not available in Public Domin]
15 Aug, 1st Airing on Zee cinema] : 11.936M http://bestmediainfo.com/2017/08/zee-cinema-s-i-day-premiere-of-dangal-rated-170-higher-than-its-second-airing/


In 1st two Screening -

Dangal : 20.9m,

Judwaa2 : 24.5m,


Rocksy still if Judwaa 2 is chasing any movie then it should be Dangal but from where they have keep sultan ahead from Dangal ...

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