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AP Government permits 1 am to 10 am extra shows for Natasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer Jai Simha from 12th Jan to 16th Jan.

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asked 5 days ago in Movie Discussions by suhas Mega Star (244,373 points)
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any chance of giving same privileges to other big films in future?

Big Telugu films anyways enjoy such special consideration.

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Jai balayya...

Coca cola pepsi ... balayya babu sexy...

answered 4 days ago by lxbhsh Assistant Director (54,489 points)
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Have to say this the government in south states are pretty serious about cinema
Here in north the government don't give a damn about movies

answered 5 days ago by SSk Production Accountant (21,385 points)

Not just south India. That's just generalising. It happens in other states across the country.

No not in north
Completely unheard kind of thing in north for hindus

It's definitely not unheard. I had shared enough details during last argument on this topic in the forum. Wish I could find that post's link.

Well yes unheard is a wrong choice of word here coz hindus also know that it is a common practice in muslim religion so yess they are not unheard but definitely most of the people in north doesn't know about this tradition being followed by hindus is well