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It's great to see Aamir do the honors for the Mahurat shot as he's good friends with Indra Kumar. Total Dhamaal has the potential to be a great entertainer and I hope Indra Kumar can make it bigger than the respective prequels.With the Anil Kapoor & Madhuri Dixit reunion, I hope they can recreate the same magic like their previous films with Indra directing them in this movie.

It was mentioned in an article that Ajay laughed when he read the script and if this movie gets a good response from the audience then one can't blame him choosing this film. In a way, its good that he's doing this movie because he wants to do something out his comfort zone. Every actor has done this before e.g. SRK, Salman, Akki, Sunil Shetty & Sunny Deol.

I can't wait to see this movie.

by Casting Director (18.8k points)
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Aamir gave 3 successful movies (1 BB 1 Super hit 1 Avg) Along with Hgoty Bhoty Mwfoty to Indra Kumar So not surprised to see him here.

And then some people were jumping and making multiple posts abt this movie clashing with TOH

by Assistant Director (41.7k points)

That might be out of over excitement. Total Dhamaal or any comedy film franchise can never stand a chance opposite Total Dhamaal. They lack the range. Even Rana's Haathi Mere Saathi is announced hoping it would match.


**opposite thugs i believe

and hope Haathi mere saathi also moves to another date


Yup opp Thugs.

If they're not ready or not satisfied with the VFX then Haathi Mere Saathi team will definitely move. Since Rana is famous after Bahubali & he found good success with Ghazi being bilingual (Telugu was super hit while Hindi was average), they feel it'll give them opportunity to spend more. Still, for them Bollywood version is just a bonus. They'll concentrate heavily on south market.

0 votes

Hope they don't disappoint, we need new classic comedy movies.

Anil looks great btw.

by Assistant Director (50.7k points)
0 votes

Anil-Madhuri-Ajay.......... 1 Hell of a CAST from 90's, will end 2018 with Total Dhamaal.....

Eagerly waiting

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
0 votes

Waiting for the movie.
Fdfs confirmed

by Executive Producer (69.4k points)
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No matter what they do.. they dont make them comedy movies like they used to... I mean remember golman (2006), dhamaal and even php are comedy classics for me... aajkal toh bass bad story and some jokes... this is the template for comedy movies

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
–1 vote

Aamir in thugs look n anil in a race3 look.. finally new shit is born total dhamaal..

by Unit Manager (32.1k points)