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And people in the forum were like india is going to win the series
Kohli is still in honeymoon mood with even pandya ashwin bhuvneshwar batting better them him
in Sports Related by Assistant Director (48.9k points)
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Kashyap sri lanka whitewashes australia at home too


Wo sab toh theek h but ek hi team k sath saal me 3-4 series khelna!... Haha...


@Tiger, it’s pissing off to see kohli’s marriage being blamed for the loss. When jhms flopped did we blame Virat for Anushka Sharma’s bad script sense? We need to get rid of this dumb mind set.


Earlier Sachin used to be blamed for India's failures. Now Virat is blamed. This blame game itself shows how big and important the VIRAT is!

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Test cricket need discipline and temperament.....
And current Indian team lack of these quality....
Only Indian pitches they can win....
Overseas conditions very tough for them....

by Assistant Director (50.3k points)
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I say it again. We will win or draw this series. We played no practice games and this was a very tough batting wicket for both sides. Bas ek player ko 50 run se upar kaarne the to win. No harm in being in honeymoon mood. He has the right to get married. Wait and watch. This is going to be one hell of a series

by Star (155k points)

No... This team will struggle to play even 45-50 overs in these conditions. This team is flat pitch bred . Give them Eden garden pitch opposite West Indies or Sri Lanka, kohli will score a 60ball century and sharmaji will try to score another double century.


Why isn’t the same said when England and saf got exposed on turners in India? Why such double standards charlie?


Indians are competitive in very few sports and cricket is one among them.. Atleast they should excell in it.


Na. That’s isn’t the point. This was a heavily seaming track and faf himself said day 5 felt like day 1. I remember India being bashed fo making doctored pitches in 2015. All of them do it but they aren’t questioned. Aus were bowled out for 60 on a greentop in England.

Why is all noise reserved for India? And that too after one test?

0 votes

As expected & if you go by loss margin then it is a big loss as 72 runs may be not look huge but it is approx 10% of total runs scored in the match..

For 2nd test match I hoping K.L Rahul & Rahane to be back in Indian team in place of Shikhar dhawan & Rohit Sharma..

by Director (129k points)

Why replace shikhar or rohit. Kohli also not performed. So why not.


Kohli is captain of the team moreover he has best track record among all bastmen of the team so he cant be dropped

make some sense!


Typical Indian reaction to go after the captain. No one wants to lose or play bad shots. Kohli was looking real good today.


It's not about this particular match. Rohit's avg outside sub continent is below 20. Dhawan's average isn't chamatkari either. Rahane and Rahul are 10 times better than Rohit and Dhawan for abroad.

0 votes

Indian Batsman again exposed in seaming conditions .Kohli can never be compared to likes of Sachin unless he Starts scoring in these conditions and Pujara needs to big innings in Overseas.he has also failed in Overseas apart from 1 hundred in SA

by Producer (103k points)

Even if we don't compare I don't rate Kohli higher than ABD also in Test .ABD has scored runs in every conditions all around the world .Kohli needs to improve his Test Record to become a legend. On seaming conditions he doesn't have a 50 to his name till now


Obviously I have never understood why ABD is compared with Kohli. He is a proven legend. Too early to write off Kohli. Some more time he needs to be given. It’s typical Indian mentality that we have to start bashing Kohli as soon as he fails in one test. He was looking solid on 28, feet were moving well too. Matter of time. He will bounce back


Kohli has been failing in Seaming conditions from a long time in Tests. He needs to convert those 20s 30s into 80-90 in tough conditions


That part I agree. @Puneet. Hope he makes big runs here. After this 5 tests in England....will be his toughest challenge

0 votes

Only team that can actually challenge India playing in sub continent is South Africa. Inida play most of the games in subcontinent where they are unbeatable. In subcontinent all Indian batsmen look world class while Ashwin and Jadeja pick lots of wickets. India is not as good as what people think. The results are deceptive as India plays most of their games in conditions that favor themselves. Outside of Asia Indian batsmen excpet Kohli and Pujara are decent at best. Ashwin hardly picks any vital wickets. Fans can deny but what I am saying is very true and this match just proved it.
Lets not forget India was in a great form going into this test match while South Africa were not. They have struggling Hasim Amla and De villers juat coming out of injury yet they beat Inida comfortably. What would happen if SA are in form and India is out of form?

by Editor (88.3k points)
0 votes

The quality of this team batting is the worst Ever. No real talent. Rahul Dravid alone used to consume 100-120 balls consistently in these conditions and make bowlers work hard for the wicket.. My advice is that now India should give up the match if they see a difficult pitch .. This will save them from getting embarrassed due to their utter mediocrity.

by Director (124k points)

Instead of lanka we could have gone earlier and practiced just like aussies....


Don't worry kashyap.. I heard that the after couple of months India will be playing Lanka again.. a good chance for India to increase ranking points for the team and prayers


@charlie no series against lanka. A t20 tri series is there in Bangaldesh right after this tour involving lanka. We travel to England next in July now. Hold your horses for now. The next 2 tests will change your mind.


Maybe..but listen.. I don't hate them mahn.. It's just that ..dil uth gaya Yehaan se.

0 votes

just one partnership made the difference and it's not the fastest but Philander made the difference.Have to wait for the series to finish before pointing fingers to any one.

by Editor (80k points)

Thats the spirit my man. Philander is the trickiest to play because of the length he bowls. 2 more tests to go. Get in rahane and rahul

–1 vote

India were at disadvantage

Both time India played, conditions got eased a bit for batting compared to when SA batted

SA lost their one bowler that means they played 2nd innings with 10 players

SA had one bowler short

Rain washed up whole day and made it more spicy pitch for SA batsmen

So you see, how big disadvantages India were at, don't be so harsh on them..!!

by Mega Star (218k points)

Series ke baad apna time shuru. Tab puchunga...kaun hai maai ka laal.


Yep, series ke Baad tumhara time shuru, kyonki SA series ke Baad Sri Lanka ke saath test series Jo hai


You are an SRK fan I know....dont prove it time and again. India 6 odis in south africa after this.
Fyi sri lanka beat pakistam in the uae. Fyi the same sri lanka whitewashed australia at home last year.


Thank you actually for that SRK comment, you see, SRK has been invited to various national & international universities & institutes and in TED the platform to speak & interact

Now either you are correct or those universities & TED

So your so called trolling attempt went on you 180° cause you wanted to troll me, yet you chose completely wrong statement, thanx for actually making me feel good

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