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PRESENTING…more laughter & more madness...#TotalDhamaal is our latest collaboration with Ajay Devgn FFilms to give you your next dose of rib-tickling comedy. Directed by @Indra_kumar_9 this laugh riot is set to release on December 7! @ajaydevgn @AbTotalDhamaal @adf_productions
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People on Twitter have criticised Ajay for choosing this film. Yes, on paper it looks bad considering the last prequel was atrocious but I recall reading an article that Ajay laughed when he read the script. If its true then I think Indra Kumar is going surprise people with this film especially with Anil Kapoor & Madhuri Dixit reunion.

In a way its good that Ajay is doing this film because sometimes he likes to do things out of his comfort zone he gets tired of doing the same stuff.

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They've already made a big mistake by casting Ajay & also Anil & Madhuri (if true)

Because Dhamaal's focus were those 4 characters and Sanjay's character, not only now focus will shift from 4 characters to Ajay but also Ajay won't be like Sanjay was in Dhamaal

Double Dhamaal had a problem, they added actresses, now they've chopped & changed lot of things, let's see how is goes..!!

by Mega Star (211k points)
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Nobody knows until they have seen the movie as to whether four the main characters will have more importance in this film like the prequels. Indra Kumar may surprise the audience with this film with Madhuri, Anil Kapoor & Ajay on board.

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7th December - Total Dhamaal
14th December - Kedarnath (which i am sure going to postponed)
21st December - Zero
28th December - Simbaa (Not sure whether it is really going to release on this date or just announce to protect zero from clashing with other big movies)..

by Director (129k points)

This is just what i am feeling right now as both Rohit shetty & Karan johar have good relation with Srk and why to announce a movie on 28th Dec just to get good business for 5 days (28th Dec - 1st Jan) as January is not considered or getting good numbers for box office collection..


Deepak both RS and Kjo are business minded people, don’t agree with you. Just to ‘protect’ SRK they won’t come on 28th Dec. Could also be a lesson RS learnt after the Dilwale BM fiasco. Two movies can co exist at that time for sure.


@deepak: a mass entertainer like Simmba can do huge numbers in just those 5 days if well accepted. And even after that it can continue to make good money like TZH is continuing to do good business well into January.


I have just shared my thought because for me 28th Dec is very risky date as no way you can be so sure that zero will be rejected after week 1..

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i feel like this one is going to be big

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
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Cast is not suitable.

by Production Accountant (21.9k points)

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