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Do you People like Arijit singh's Ghazal?

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His ghazal Rishton ke Manzar is nice ofcourse cant be compared with jagjit singh or ghulam ali but its good. He is so versatile he sings rock songs as well as ghazals complete singer. No doubt why he is no.1 today
asked Jan 6 in General by Rancho Casting Director (18,891 points)
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After this post,I hear rishton ke saare manzar and some of his ghazals repeatedly but can't be impressed by his ghazals like that of Pankaj Udhas

answered 1 day ago by shah Assistant Director (47,399 points)
selected 1 day ago by Rancho

Yes bro he is not of that level ghazal singer bt he does has huge range of variety

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