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+1 vote
I believe India have a really balanced team this time. It will be 1-1 draw or 2-0 in favour of India.
Give normal hate comments please
in Sports Related by Star (155k points)
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6 Answers

0 votes

Hope India comes out victorious.But it will be the most difficult task.

by Editor (80k points)

Shah this is a very good team. I expect us to draw this series at best. We could win too. By 1-0 or 2-1.


We have everything, batsmen or bowlers who have experience of sa tour.Rabada and Steyn will be a great threat but if Dhawan and Vijay click ,we have great chance

0 votes

2-0 or 3-0 south Africa.
India does have a chance in 1st match though.

by Location Scout (4.5k points)
0 votes

First match - Result South Africa win by destroying India.
2nd match - South Africa win but after a good comeback fight from India.
3rd test - Draw

by Director (129k points)

Even I want India to win here but south Africa on their home pitches specially against Indian flat pitches champion are heavy favourite here..


Bhai Bola tha na pehle hi 1st test haregi India..


Deepak series abhi baaki hai dost


2nd bhi haregi...

0 votes

As much as I want India to win, SA is a force.
So me being optimistic, 2-1 in India's favor.
Me being realistic, 2-1 SA's favor.

But this series needs to be enjoyed not predicted

by Unit Manager (36.3k points)

For me realistic chance is 1-1. Optimistic is 2-1 for India

0 votes

1st match - India
2nd & 3rd match - SA

2-1 in favour of SA

BTW I want SA to win due to many reasons, but one thing also so that Indian sports channels stop making shitty adds on TV, one mauka mauka was good, after that it's a headache

I mean wtf are these

England ki pungi bajao
Aussie ki Taisi
Hisaab 25 saal ka

It feels embarrassing to see this, compare this to South African advertisement for this series and see the difference, I thought they will get their lesson after CT2017 but they've gone even worse, so if someone can humble them, it'll be great..!!

by Mega Star (218k points)

Hahahahaha. Yes man. Even i dont like this ad campaign. See the south africa freedom series promo...its amazing.

Na....saf wont humble India..its a drawn series or 2-1 for India.
First test- india
Second test- SAF
Third test- India


By humble, I meant someone humble these channels

The same Sony presented Cricket as a festival during ipl promo, now they are presenting Cricket as war, and that too such crass way, I mean cutting moustache & saying SA disrespecte Sachin by getting his wicket.....shitty stuff..!!

0 votes

1st test - south africa win.
2nd test - india win.
3rd test - draw.


by Unit Manager (36.8k points)

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