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+5 votes
Race3 (16 votes, 39%)
Thugs of Hindustan (14 votes, 34%)
Zero (8 votes, 20%)
Dutt biopic (0 votes)
Robot (3 votes, 7%)
Any other (0 votes)
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Either Race3 or TOH... No chance for others.

15 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

1 - Padmavati
2 - Race 3
3 - 2.0
4 - TOH

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
selected by

padmavati ?!?!?!

+4 votes

Race 3 - 300 cr +
Toh - 270 cr
Zero - 150 cr

by Production Designer (15.6k points)
+3 votes

Thugs of HINDOSTAN- Aamir in a full on commercial release is easily the safe & best bet to be the highest grosser of the year..

by Director (128k points)

Secret, Tzp is very much Aamir's film. Not in the mainstream line of GHajini, 3 idiots, dhoom 3, fanaa etc. He was not even in the main lead. It's like Dear Zindagi, Naam shabana etc.
And neither Secret nor talaash is a flop... Compare with his main lead. Why do u bring teen centric film to bring Aamir down?


So Dangal must be Sakshi tanwar or Fatima or Zaira sheikh movie like Bajrangi was Nawaz/munni film , coming to secret Superstar please first watch the movie as there is maximum 20 minute space for Aamir & even the role is not strong one..
TZH was Aamir film but as a supporting lead.


Extended guest appearance in a teen centric small budget film is now being compared with Out and out commercial films lol........


Talaash was an Aamir's lead film i agree which did huge business for the genre way back in 2012. Had it released today, it would have done 125-130cr.......

+3 votes

Thugs of Hindustan....no doubt.

by Director (122k points)
+3 votes

TOH. This is not even a question to ask. Biggest movie of the year and Bollywoods answer to Bahubali

by Director (121k points)
edited by

India's answer to Baahubali..??


Edited. I meant bollywood


Bro isn't bahubali a fantasy and this an action-adventure drama?. And rajamouli is far superior than victor. And I'm sure bahubali fans will attack this film from first look/teaser...


Kashyap not comparing genre. I meant toh has the potential to do what Bahubali did in 2017.

+2 votes

Race 3 will be my pick

by Unit Manager (30.3k points)
+2 votes

Thugs may be Aamir's last out and out commercial film.... So guys, save money and enjoy this film.

by Second Unit Director (75.7k points)

that felt like..... 3 things

1 - sorry situation
2 - begging
3 - after that last film.. what will all those 39 people do


First cross Pk, then talk to 39 fans.............


this is a never ending loop..... agar PK cross ho gaya then you're gonna bring some other thing..... but at the end....my above comment would remain as it is.

+2 votes

I think Srk will finally give HGOTY with Zero.
1. Zero: from the teaser, movie seems to be funfilled and unique. This time Srk is coming with a great director and in christmas when good movies trend very well. I think it will open excellently and trend very well to cross 300 crores.
2. Thugs of Hindostan: will take bumper opening due to aamir, amitabh and yef factor. Director is poor and i expect the movie to be decent due to Aamir’s involvement. Wont trend as well as other great Ammir movies like PK and Dangal and it is a diwali release where movies dont trend superbly. I see it collecting around 280 crores.
3. Race 3: salman comes in eid but race and race 2 were thrillers with only race 1 being a hit. Also remo is a poor director so I dont see it going beyond 260 crores.

However as a salman fan I voted for race 3.

by Editor (82.3k points)

bus aglay chowk pay srk fan bus ja rahi hai... us pay charh jao.

+1 vote

Thugs gets my vote

by Assistant Director (43.4k points)
+1 vote

Well I may get criticised by Fellow Salman Fans as I feel TOH would be Highest Grosser of the Year as I feel Race-3 content won't take it beyond 250 cr while Thugs due to presence Aamir's and his great script sense would definitely do atleast 300 cr .Hence I voted for TOH

by Producer (102k points)

Bhai tu salman fan hai hi nai then y to criticise u? Jo aya hai bol coz u are conservative and one thing more it always happens opposite to your prediction so this time it will also happen whenever u underestimated the underdog arisen like never before


so what happened with Dhoom 3...where was aamir khan's great script sense then??
the director of dhoom 3 is also here making TOH.... and there is no brand power or christmas here this time to save him.


Yes here every one over estimating thugs dhoom 3 was huge coz of its brand aamir did not make it bigger I don't think thugs will go past 300cr with just two open weeks and on top of that action movie must has strong story like tzh to go huge else 250cr is the limit


Dhoom brand bigger than bad wom and Aamir Khan. Great. First time I'm hearing this. Brand dhoom became atg/atbb just like that. And yest puneeth was like it was a good film and had good wom.
I'm confused now.........

0 votes

I will go with Race 3 by obvious reasons coz aamir can't give atg without 3-4 open weeks but Salman khan has proven it again and again he can give Highest week one even with competition and protests so both Race 3 will have only two open weeks but I will go with Race 3 as a Highest grosser of the year

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)

2 baar christmas leke waste kar diya aur aamir ke christmas pe aane ka excuse deta hai besharam yaad rakhna apni aukkad

without Aamir o atbb or atg on christmas with Aamir 5 atbb atg samjha nikal le ab


Yes yes secret will be aamirs 8th/9th blockbuster, secret will be aamirs 17/18th hit etc I remembered that secret will crush G4 and opening will be 10+ yes yes I remembered


So what we have no shame in accepting that secret Superstar underperformed in India doesn't matter even if it was a cameo release still Aamir cameo release (after January) Overseas collection will be more than TZH & Tubelight Overseas collection..


Ss would have been 8th bb and 17th hit?
Aamir already has 9 bb and 17 hits nd 2 more can be updated as hit taking its tally to 19 hits.

And without any excuse i accept Ss underperformed even after being a successful movie.
I rest my case here itself!

0 votes

Agar voting karne se hgoty mil jaati toh srk hgoty ke liye 10 saal wait nahi karta bcz srk fans are always ahead in such things bt aisa hota nahi.

Seeing salman fan comments reminds me of Scenario of Pk vs kick and specially Dangal vs sultan jahan hgoty ko pukka maan liya tha salman fans nei
end result sabko pata hai.

Here Aamir is comming with biggest movie of the decade, for 1st timeworking with Amitabh. In fully commercial movie sky is the limit for Aamir!

by Production Accountant (27k points)

if you call 170cr... " sky is the limit "

then yeah ...totally agreed


hahaha nikal self troller wapas galat prediction karke bhaagega tu ruk bas kuch mahine

0 votes

ok 2018 will be just like 2017 ...... the gap between first and second highest will be almost double..... and the biggest grosser of the year will be Race 3
im only talking about bollywood movies.

by Star (151k points)

I'm scared now, All your predictions are bang on......... Will u be here or run away or make another account?.... Please let us know.....


........all three are possibilities .......

0 votes

Race 3

by Set Decorator (1.5k points)
0 votes


by Production Accountant (25.7k points)

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