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asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (202k points)
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So an obsessed fan. Hope Aanand does what Manish failed to do.

Liked this "dekh dost title mil gaya".

Srk even thought of the title Mental, pretty sure Salman happily agreed to give the title.


His line, "jiske peeche lag jate hain, life bana dete hain"

A fan who is positive & helpfull, not like Gaurav, Gaurav was anything but helpfull lol


"Jiske peeche lag jate hai life bana dete hai" - it means "ZERO", agar kisi number k aage zero rahe toh faraq ni padta par peeche lag jaye toh it increases the value.


That's criminally intelligent @Criminal.

11 Answers

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Haters will hate lovers will love... but its good to see the neutrals appreciating Srk's effort to bring something new to the cinema. Ra.One, Fan and now ZERO, SRK will be remembered not just as one of the biggest superstars India has ever produced, but also as a trend setter when it comes to technology and vfx work in Bollywood movies. Now coming to the last point, I just hope ALR doesn't dissapoint us like Maneesh, Dholakia and Imtiaz. When Rohit Shetty worked with Srk for the first time, he brought his own style of directing to the movie and the reason why Chennai Express was so huge is the combination of a popular directing skill and superstardom. ALR too has his own way of directing movies and if he just sticks to his plan without giving a damn about what Srk is up to with his RCEVFX guys, the movie has all the potential to be as good as Raanjhana.

answered by Director (135k points)
+2 votes

I have huge expectations from this movie after short teaser. Poster is okay.

answered by Production Accountant (20.3k points)
+2 votes

So what next? Songs? At this rate theatrical trailer aa jaayega next month. Abhi se over promotion chalu

answered by Producer (106k points)

I don't fear you "gidar dhamaki-s" @intense. Cry somewhere else and get some water to cool down furnace.


Suhas and tb, ok. Got it. @jatinder no need to fear me. I am reminding you that personal attacks are not allowed. And i havent made any. There are rules which you need to follow.


jatinder darta nahe kisi se..... aik baar phir se personal attack kar jatinder...i dare you.


Grand I see what are u playing. Buzz off you lunatic.

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Over promotion I must say but it hardly matter may be good to attract some initial collection but hoping that this time Srk atleast have something good to offer for a healthy lifetime total.

answered by Director (128k points)

Then why the makers didn't wait for some time to do the thing in better way , Srk look is the main attraction point for the movie but now they have completely messed up..
Yes they have time to rectify this so let's hope they will offer better teaser/trailer now..


Before tb comes and bashes me, thats my point. Dwarf look ko itni jaldi dikhane ki need kya thi? Thats why i called it overpromotion.
They should have revealed the title, some song and kept srks look under wraps. Upar se poster bhi dikhaa diya. This will only invite negative reactions. Kuch to chhodo yaar audiences ko guess karne ke liye. Tell tb is this hatre or do i have a valid point?


Better if they release just drawing look of Srk , kat & Anushka or like Dangal one..


Releasing the first teaser and poster, I believe is good.
Is it early? yes, but the teaser tells us a little bit about SRK's character, and not what many may have associated with this movie.

I hope they don't do over promotion, but if they want to have steady release of information than they can release a teaser & poster for Anushka's character on her birthday, same for Katrina's character. Then show off the trailer on SRK's birthday. I hope SRK doesn't have a lot of tie-ups like he did with Ra One.

+2 votes

im not gonna go into nitty gritty and explain the whole thing ... the bottomline is ...srk is now fighting for supremacy between his competition and that is hrithik roshan, ranbir kapoor, varun dhawan , ajay devgan, ranveer singh and akshay kumar.....
so by saying all that... i'll say ...he's going good.

answered by Star (148k points)
+2 votes

Believe me, this movie will be highly entertaining and also emotional.

answered by Assistant Director (48.4k points)
+1 vote

This all has been a big mistake... no need to reveal that look so early on... a big novelty factor has been demolished

answered by Location Manager (6.5k points)

Why?? 21 december se pehle bhi koi dwarf movie aa rahi hai ke..??


Uska toh malum nahi lekin dwarf dikhta kaisa hai yeh novelty factor tha.. his hair.. his mannerisms... but now it seems hes just srk with the same hairdo and a different body.

And dont you bring that excuse where you say TZH, Dangal posters were released a year before. They were goddamn posters... TZH poster was someone running that may not even be salman khan and Dangal just had Aamir's face. Here we have the whole deal.

+1 vote

Good enough for a first look poster.

What I will say is that RCE needs to be very careful with leaks. They have to keep everything locked up. Even before the title release, we had all the titles leak, we have even heard some of the story. They need to pull up their socks and keep it all hidden. Unless, of course, it is done on purpose to keep the movie in news.

And I hope we don't see anything new from the movie until late Oct/early Nov.

answered by Unit Manager (36.1k points)
+1 vote

Poster is bad...... enough to kill excitement, hope movie isn't this much bad.

answered by Location Manager (7.3k points)
+1 vote

I think nice and cute bauna srk. Public full srk dekhne nahi jati half kya dekegi.

answered by Location Manager (7.3k points)
+1 vote

Looks good. Just hoping that movie recieves good wom among public.

answered by Location Manager (5.5k points)

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