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Mass Penetration - Tiger Zinda Hai v Dangal Comparison - BOI

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The comparison of Tiger Zinda Hai and Dangal across all India territories is as follows. Tiger Zinda Hai has come out around 14 crore nett ahead of Dangal but the GROSS figures are 263.95 crore for Dangal and 261.48 crore for Tiger Zinda so actually Dangal collected more at the ticket counters in the first week.
Dangal - 57,10,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 64,70,00,000
Delhi / UP
Dangal - 36,94,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 42,99,00,000
East Punjab
Dangal - 22,21,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 19,42,00,000
Dangal - 11,21,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 11,63,00,000
CP Berar
Dangal - 9,73,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 10,70,00,000
Dangal - 7,52,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 7,61,00,000
Nizam / Andhra
Dangal - 10,93,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 10,94,00,000
Dangal - 14,97,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 11,05,00,000
Tamil Nadu / Kerala
Dangal - 6,39,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 3,15,00,000
West Bengal
Dangal - 8,73,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 11,14,00,000
Dangal - 3,18,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 7,00,00,000
Dangal - 1,61,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 2,68,00,000
Dangal - 1,88,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 3,03,00,000
Dangal - 1,92,38,00,000
Tiger Zinda Hai - 2,06,04,00,000

But the circuit figures do not tell the whole story as its been about mass penetration that Tiger Zinda Hai has got these numbers. If we take the fifteen biggest cities which are Mumbai / Thane, Delhi / NCR, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Surat, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Indore, Ludhiana and Nagpur for potential collections then Tiger Zinda Hai is at 102 crore nett apprx and Dangal is at 111 crore nett apprx. Tiger Zinda Hai not only covers this 9 crore gap but goes up 14 crore nett from the smaller A centres, B centres and C centres. These centres have lower collecting theaters so it becomes a huge task to cover the ground but not only has it covered but gone ahead by a margin. This has happened due to the action factor with the help of the mass following of Salman Khan. The other action film to be released on Xmas was Dhoom 3 and if we take the top fifteen cities for that it had 53% in the big cities against 49% for Tiger Zinda Hai. Dangal is 57%.
The footfalls are still to be tabulated but despite Tiger Zinda Hai having higher rates at major chains across the country compared to Dangal, a glance at figures from circuits like Bihar and Odisha which have very low ticket rates indicate that the footfalls could also be ahead for the first week.
Bahubali - The Conclusion has not been put into the comparison as that film is a genuine great and historic film so is above comparison at the moment.

asked Dec 30, 2017 in Box Office Related by Santosh Location Manager (7,605 points)
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recategorized Dec 30, 2017 by Maruf Sarker

@kashyap ... Dangal is not an out and out commercial movie like Tubelight. Was tubelight more commercial than dangal?really?

Never said that. Both of them are not out and out entertainers like Ghajini or a dhoom or a tiger.

Yes kashyap waiting for Aamir sir to do a mass oriented movie like Ghajini & Dhoom 3 to destroyed BO records be in masses or classes..

Ya mass penetration boi didn't do comparing Dabangg 2 (christmas 2012) with Dhoom 3(Christmas 2013).... Now they come up with shit like this.....

10 Answers

+6 votes

Mass penetration.......what a term coined by BOI. Wonder who makes this shit up.

answered Dec 31, 2017 by Intense Producer (101,713 points)
+5 votes

Salman Khan, the undisputed star of the masses

answered Dec 30, 2017 by shah Assistant Director (47,731 points)

Instead of negative votes, tell me Who you think is the star?

Don't worry about the negative votes. If they had an answer then they wouldn't have given negative votes.

+3 votes

Now even BOI accepted that Ticket price of Tzh is higher than Dangal yesterday when this was posted salman fan rejected the post

answered Dec 30, 2017 by Rancho Casting Director (19,018 points)

Abe average price lower hoga aaram se.

"despite Tiger Zinda Hai having higher rates at major chains across the country compared to Dangal"

They re-affirmed the fact of "major" chains as in the article previously shared. Only the chains, not in entirety.

+3 votes

answered Dec 30, 2017 by mr.hola Unit Manager (33,387 points)
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It's not fair to compare out and out action with Sports Biopic. The fact that Dangal made so much itself an achievement. For Real Mass Penetration, Wait for Thugs of Hindustan.... It will show what Aamir khan is in interiors....

Not to forget, No extra holiday, no gst and largely demonetization was the factor. Boi themselves said it last year....

answered Dec 30, 2017 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (72,908 points)
edited Dec 30, 2017 by kashyap123
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So TZH do have higher ticket rates than Dangal in major plex chains

BTW TZH has got bigger mass penetration acc to BOI, which is true but collections of TZH & Dangal are lot closer in circuits like Rajasthan, CP, CI and N/A which can be called mass circuits (atleast first 3 definitely are), although difference in circuits like Bihar is definitely more

So can anyone tell me what BOI is trying to convey here where 3 of big mass circuits have lot closer collections than expected, i thought TZH would had been way ahead in CP, CI & Rajasthan like it is in Bihar

answered Dec 30, 2017 by THUNDER BIRD Super-star (199,380 points)
edited Dec 30, 2017 by THUNDER BIRD

Rajasthan may have underperformed due to protests by balmiki samaj in Ajmer ,Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner,as It's salman's strongest hold.
CP/Cl due to tax rate was increased there after gst implementation.
& Difference in Bihar isn't that huge as it seems as tax rate was 49% earlier which reduced to 28% due to gst.
Still gross difference is huge but not as it seems now from nett.
It has actually performed extraordinarily in odisha as tax rate was increased from 20 to 28 due to gst still the nett difference is huge.

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three things are confirmed now...

1- ATP of TZH is lower than dangal
2- movie has recorded 2cr+ footfalls in week 1 (3rd for salman khan as opposed to 0 by others)
3- at the end of its run TZH will have 90% circuit records to its name

answered Dec 30, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (144,853 points)

so by that 3rd point... tzh should be atbb??

ye pehle isi base pay ATBB hoti thi... but since salman khan was giving these back to back .... BOI nay ye base drop kar di

Dabangg , ETT had 80%-90% circuit records give or take.... but they are blockbusters.

Okay man...

+2 votes

TZH collections proved that WOM is good and it seems it will set more such record's in future. Between one more new word Mass penetrations.

answered Dec 31, 2017 by Vikram Singh Casting Director (19,832 points)
0 votes

Even after ahead by 14 Cr in net collection, tzh was behind by 5 Cr approx in gross figure so it will be more clearer if the post will be made on gross figure as FFs is also count on gross figure..
Coming to comparison yes it was not a surprise for Dangal to top in big cities while Tzh to lead in small cities..

answered Dec 30, 2017 by deepak_bishty Director (127,267 points)


Dangal gross is now reduce by some crores..

Hmm,yaa from 265 to 263
nothing new from boi perspective

aur kuch ho na ho ...TZH is aadmi ko blood pressure ka mareez zaroor bana daigi hahaha

Nova tera kuch bhi bolna banta Nahi hai palti maar jayega phir se..

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Yahaan bhi hoga, wahan bhi hoga........ ab toh saare Zahaan mein hoga........... Kya?

Salman Ka Jalwaa

Abey woh Rambo ka baap hai, Terminator ka Chacha, Rocky ka Dadu hai, Bruce Lee ka Naana...... Last Action HERO hai woh.....

answered Dec 31, 2017 by -OmKara- Location Manager (7,324 points)

I think Aamir fans only 2 things to do nowadays in this forum:

  1. Burn in jealousy seeing Mega Success of TZH

  2. Downvote my every post even if it doesn't have Aamir in it

These ppl don't even realize i just said entry dialouge from wanted which Inder Kumar said before Salman's entry

Burn in jealousy?. Well dangal almost did 2000cr worldwide. Don't know who is jealous.... Downvote, i downvoted when u compared with bruce lee, wasn't aware it was from wanted.

You guys spend day/night debating about Salman films, yet u don't know this famous dialouge from Wanted? Do u guys even watch Hindi films or is it u guys are from China due to which only Dangal made 2000 Cr? Just Kidding

Kabhi Kabhi films dekh leni chahiye, aur kuch na pata ho toh puchh lena chahiye

I don't watch salman films like wanted, ready. I'll happily pay for something like sultan, bb etc.

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