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The ordeal seems to be ending for Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his producers Viacom18 Motion Pictures. The Examining Committee of the CBFC viewed the film Padmavati on Decenber 28 and passed the film with a U/A certificate subject to some cuts and the alteration of title of the film from Padmavati to Padmavat.

Other key modifications involve those of the disclaimers, pertinently adding one regarding not glorifying the practice of Sati and also relevant modifications in the song ‘Ghoomar’ to befit the character portrayed. The meet consisted of the regular examining committee members along with the CBFC officials and a special advisory panel in presence of the Chairman Prasoon Joshi.

The film was approached with a balanced view keeping in mind both the filmmakers and the Society. Considering the complexities and concerns around the film, the requirement for a special panel was felt by CBFC to add perspective to the final decision of the CBFC official committee. The special panel consisted of Shri Arvind Singh from Udaipur, Dr.Chandramani Singh and Prof K.K. Singh of the Jaipur University. The members of the panel had insights and also some reservations regarding the claimed historical events and socio-cultural aspects which were duly discussed at length. The committee is appreciative of their time.

The filmmakers, Bhansali Productions, in a written communication to CBFC had also requested that a panel of historians/academicians and members of the Rajput community view the film. The Film's final 3D application was submitted on the November 28. Having a specialist panel at CBFC has been in practice in earlier circumstances as well - Aarakshan a film for which an eminent panel representing a concerned group was created and for Jodhaa Akbar wherein historical experts were called in.
The modification details and CBFCs decision regarding this film was shared with the producers and the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali who attended the feedback session post the screening and are in agreement with the modifications. The certificate as per procedure will be issued once the required modifications are carried out and final material submitted.
Source Link: https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/film-padmavati-to-get-ua-certificate-title-may-be-changed-to-padmavat-1793855?amp=1&akamai-rum=off
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8 Answers

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A great relief.What a shame a real woman was threatened to be killed for a woman who's said to be fictional by majority of historians!!!!

by Assistant Director (52.3k points)
selected by

That's the irony.

+3 votes

All I see is bleak future of our entertainment industry. Anyway I don't think after Salman Khan is done for good, I'd be giving any clown a chance so I will stick with hollywood.

And yes, we Indians don't deserve a director like Bhansali as long as we support the government that can't even control a group of goons. I don't want to get into politics of it, but achhe din sab ke aane chahiye.. sirf unke nahi jo dekh chala rahe hai

by Unit Manager (30.4k points)
+3 votes

Its good it has been certified. I am pretty concerned how our country will go ahead. We have to seek permission from a panel?? These goons targetted SRK, then bhansali.......sad to see artists being held ransom by these goons

by Director (122k points)
+2 votes

What's next now?

Jurassic World to be certified by Birds..??

Anyways one thing to be noticed that both Deepka & Sanjay Bhansal supported their movie among all chaos but none of the Heroes had to say anything infact even Shahid oppsed one time but Ranveer didn't said a single word in support of his director

Anyways i was not going to watch it anyway and don't care when it releases, just wanted to point out the obvious cowardice shown by lead heroes of the movie, no wonder Bollywood is going to trash once khans retire.

Anyways with this new criteria of CBFC, now i guess 3 khans must be careful, SRK must certify Dwarf from some real Dwarfs, Aamir should call upon Jonny Depp to certify TOH & Bhai is enough to certify Race 3

by Mega Star (207k points)

Ghanta gf lol. Aise nahi kehte!!!!!


Ab to movie ke title ka gender bhi change karwa diya, ab inhe kya problem hai, ab kya SLB Inhe free me movie dikhaye..??


gf nahi hai lol, Valentine's day ke din to bade phool patti bhej raha tha, ab use threatened kiya jaa raha hai to janaab ke muh se awaaz nahi nikal rahi..!!


He and shahid had been asked to stay quiet. Particularly ranveer. Thats why he wasnt on any show also. Imagine ** reaction, will say khilji promote kar raha hai.

+1 vote

Padmavat lol hahahaha this is more like a Bhojpuri title. And am sure they have cut many important scenes in the film. This is bullshit!!!!!! My interest in the film has reduced now.

by Star (145k points)

Padmavat is the title of the poem this film is based on.

+1 vote

Padmavat so it suddenly becomes male title wtf cbfc

by Unit Manager (31.4k points)

But wait...listen to what the "protectors" had to say....

Our people will be outside cinema halls & each hall which shows the film will be vandalised. Members of committee formed to review the film have opposed it but censor board is taking this decision due to underworld pressure: Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi, Rajput Karni Sena


Okay even they will do that too especially here in rajasthan
They hurted people who came to watch TZH and as always Rajasthan government won't even do anything
Its complete gundaism here


I thought you were joking..now I read the news.. actually they said movie passed due to underworld...


I had shared the actual statement.

+1 vote


by Assistant Director (55.2k points)
+1 vote

Title changed and many cuts which may damage movie potential.

by Production Accountant (21.6k points)
What should be the most suitable release date for Padmavati?

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