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1. 3 Idiots [2009]

2. Chennai Express [2013]

3. Dhoom 3 [2013]

4. Kick [2014]

5. PK [2014]

6. Bajrangi Bhaijaan [2015]

7. Sultan [2016]

8. Dangal [2016]

9. Golmaal Again [2017]

10. Tiger Zinda Hai [2017]

Actors -
Aamir Khan = 4
Salman Khan = 4
Shah Rukh Khan = 1
Ajay Devgn = 1

Actress -
Kareena Kapoor = 2
Katrina Kaif = 2
Anushka Sharma = 2
Deepika Padukone = 1
Jacqueline Fernandez = 1
Parineeti Chopra = 1
Fatima Sana Sheikh = 1

Directors -
Rajkumar Hirani = 2
Rohit Shetty = 2
Ali Abbas Zafar = 2
Vijay Krishna Acharya = 1
Sajid Nadiadwala = 1
Kabir Khan = 1
Nitesh Tiwari = 1
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Sultan and Tzh achieving the feat in a week is really great.
2015- Bajrangi Bhaijaan
2017-Tiger Zinda Hain .

by Executive Producer (66.9k points)
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+5 votes

Salman will be first Actor to have three 300cr movies & AAZ will be the fisrt Director to have two 300cr movies ...

by Editor (85.7k points)
+3 votes

Look at CE, what a movie, i mean it was ATG but it faced hurdles, but like a champion hurdle racer, it jumped through all hurdles to become ATG

First hurdle was OUATIMD, i mean big movie, came 6 days later, everyone thought it will be big grosser, it came it affected CE, but as all champions do, CE rose, shook the effect and trampled OUATIMD and continued in it's historic journey

Second hurdle was Madras Cafe, small film, but took good opening in plexes, found decent appreciation, but CE being CE, continued on it's path to glory

Satyagrah was last, big starcast, by this time CE had 3 weeks of it's release, so Satyagrah was a threat, but CE had last few steps to achieve, in a final spring to glory, CE achieved that too

OUATIMD & SATYAGRAH were flop & MADRAS CAFE was average but these movies combined collected 157 crs, which shows how much they affected CE, but despite clash with combined force of 157 crs, CE like a champion overcame all those obstacles and went on to creatr history, one can only imagine as what would had happened had movie got free open weeks, but what one can't argue with is the name of CE written in golden words in the annals of history.

The mighty CE..!!

by Mega Star (213k points)

CE hurt him more than benefiting him...

he kept on trying CE (masala + romance) again and again after that.... HNY, Dilwale, Raees, JHMS

and CE wasn't much better than all these.... if was inferior than all these.... for the most part.

go universal or go home


Raees & JHMS were different from CE, HNY, DILWALE and Raees turned out like it did because of various re shoots and JHMS....well, not much to say about that..!!

And more importantly, whatever he did wasn't good enough, CE worked cause of novelty, welk not exactly novelty, but novelty for SRK, i mean when was last time he did something like CE? Not in this decade certainly, and then he got stuck into it.


"And more importantly, whatever he did wasn't good enough, CE worked cause of novelty, welk not exactly novelty, but novelty for SRK, i mean when was last time he did something like CE? Not in this decade certainly, and then he got stuck into it."

which is why ... going back to what i said earlier...CE hurt him more than benefiting him


Well in long run, yep, but at that time, it was something to cherish (not in terms of content certainly lol)

Well so far SRK's lineup have Dwarf and few rumoured movies, none of them are CE, HNY, DILWALE mould, so that's good.

+2 votes

Only Golmaal Again is non khan film.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
0 votes

Good to see Founder of 200 cr club at Top even after doing so less movies

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)
0 votes

aamir khan just got lucky with Christmas releases..... outside christmas he is secret superstar...
so he can be negated form the list...
dangal might be his last movie in the this will be his last christmas release....

by Star (153k points)
0 votes

Next year we will have 12 200cr grossers or number could go more 13/14.

by Location Manager (6.3k points)
0 votes

200 cr isn't a big task now after Gst. Anything below 250 cr for a Khan film is a disappointment.

by Production Accountant (25.6k points)

200cr is not 200rs. Even 100cr has value.

GST is no magic wand to make 200cr worthless against 250cr. If only doing business was a soft game as people unrelated to it talk on the internet.

0 votes

Salman and aamir both are megastar currently. Hope srk bounce back with bang in 2018 and again race between three khans.

by Production Accountant (28.4k points)