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1. Highest non Holiday First Day Collections.

2. Highest Non holiday 2nd day collections.

3. Highest 3rd Day and Sunday Collections.

4. Highest Single Day Collections.

5. Highest First Weekend Collections.

6. Highest Monday Collections.
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Single Screen record is with Bajrangi Bhaijaan..!!


I think with Sultan...BB is at 2nd...


So far boi has only told about BB, after that boi has made no update so BB has SS record plus BB is only movie to do 100 crs in SS

If Sultan or Dangal had crossed it, Boi would had made article about it


I think I read BOI writing Sultan the biggest single screen grosser.

Rizwan Khan ko BOI ka jyada jaankari h. He can confirm it.

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Any suprises no
Sare stars record ke peeche aur
Records salman ke piche
Too much fun

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More records waiting

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If Salman movies release, can records be behind

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Kick *** Records to cherish for............. No.1 Salman Khan.

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Highest midnight show to morning show wale time ka record nahi banaya kya koi?

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Lol. Pakistan.. Hehe Kaisi jagah hai.. Sheher ke Sheher musalman bhare pade hain..... Hamare Akhand Bharat ki baat hi Kuch aur hai ..gosht khane wale log hamare saath kabhi nahi reh sakete.


@Charlie I must say your comments most of the times are hilarious.


@Vikram thanks man .. ..its just me in my usual existence.


Janab, gosht toh hum bhi khate hai, wo bhi aapke waha jo shayad najayaj hai wo wala. Aaiye kbhi Assam...

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As expected year ends with bang.

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