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Day 1

36.5 Cr

29.1 Cr

26.6 Cr

25 Cr

34 Cr

Day 2

37.3 Cr

34 Cr

36.6 Cr

30.3 Cr

35.5 Cr

Day 3

31.6 Cr

41 Cr

38.5 Cr

38.3 Cr

45.5 Cr

Day 4

36.6 Cr

25.6 Cr

25 Cr

21 Cr

36.5 Cr

Day 5

38.2 Cr

23 Cr

21 Cr

19 Cr

21 Cr

Day 6

15.5 Cr

21.4 Cr

18 Cr

19.5 Cr

17.7 Cr

Day 7

12.9 Cr

20.2 Cr

15.5 Cr

27.5 Cr

15.5 Cr

Day 8

10.8 Cr

18.5 Cr

13 Cr

14.5 Cr

11.5 Cr

Day 9

9.5 Cr

23 Cr

19.2 Cr

17.1 Cr

15 Cr

 Day 10 

7.4 Cr

32 Cr

24 Cr

22.2 Cr

22 Cr

Day 11

11.4 Cr

13.4 Cr

9.30 Cr

10 Cr

18 Cr

Day 12

15.1 Cr

10.4 Cr

9 Cr

9.1 Cr

7.75 Cr

Day 13

4 Cr

9.2 Cr

7 Cr

9 Cr

6 Cr

Day 14

3.7 Cr

9.1 Cr

6 Cr

13.4 Cr

5.25 Cr


271 Cr

304 Cr

267 Cr

273 Cr

291.5 Cr 

1,2 crore ooper neechay ho sakta hai...  these are all Approx.
  but overall total is around this...so don't make me edit .... 
the part that comes after crore ......"crore.**"

asked in Box Office Related by Star (145k points)
70% Accept Rate

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Ya got it mahn ..


Dangal is ahead by a mere 10 cr and it did not trend that exceptionally... no reason TZH should come close to it


yes there are reasons....

first dangal did trend brilliantly .... its third week is 44cr , and fourth week is 15cr.....
before maharashtra comes back to normal it will be too late to recover 6cr-7cr lost ..... as screens will be lot less.

bajrangi's 3rd week was 29cr....PK's 3rd week was 40cr.... TZH should do 33cr..... dangal is too far......


i said close to it.. and that meant 350

8 Answers

+4 votes

Tiger's Weekly Non-Holiday drop from Holidays is much less as compared to SULTAN, so far it looks like it will cross BB..... but will hope & expect it to cross Dangal only.... fingers Crossed.

2nd Sat/Sun if turn out to be HUGE & Much bigger than Dangal, then only it can chase down that total............... come on TIGER.......... break it for once....

answered by Location Manager (6.9k points)

Tiger is 2nd among all 4 in 2 weeks race, just behind Dangal & if those odd 2 cr loss won't have happen, it would have inch more closer.

+3 votes

Humm so let's analyse in 1st week TZH and Sultan will be ahead of others having 205+ and 209cr respectively then if 2nd Friday of TZH gets 15cr which I hope it will then TZH has every chance to be on par with dangal as far as two weeks are concerned let's hope for the best

answered by Production Accountant (22.2k points)
edited by

edited....now you too edit your answer.

+3 votes

Good work bro and today I think TZH will gross around 17cr.

answered by Casting Director (19.8k points)
+2 votes

My target is Salman Khan vs Salman Khan and will be happy with 316 crores lifetime

answered by Assistant Director (47.1k points)
+2 votes

answered by Second Unit Director (79.8k points)
+1 vote

Fantastic work bro.

answered by Location Manager (6k points)
+1 vote

Sultan collected 30 cr after 2wk.. Bajrangi collected 50 cr.. So tzh should collect at least 30 cr...
So life time looking --287+ 30= 317 cr ..my guess 330.

answered by Location Scout (3.4k points)
0 votes

I don't know if you noticed it or not but opening decides stardom and the way I see it.. first 5 days belong to salman Khan movies

answered by Location Manager (5.3k points)