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Will Salman Khan & Aamir Khan score in 2018 making it their's, just like they've done with this decade?

Or will Shah Rukh Khan raise back strong, claiming 2018's bigger hit?

Is it going to be the Karan Arjun duo coming out successful in 2018?

Or is it going to be Ace Khan leaving other two fan bases stressed till their favorites' next release?

Or is it going to be the same old routine stuff gaining importance among trolls over everything?

Or is it going to someone else triumphing over the Khans in 2018?

asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (248k points)
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Epic use of GIF.... Kaash mere paas 10 votes hote iss post ko dene ke liye!


@suhas what a creativity man,awesome.

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Ain't no one triumphing the khans till they are here thats for sure
Coming to 2018
Salman and aamir will compete for the bgoty
Aamir has a edge here but lets see if remo can suprise us all
Coming to SRK dwarf is the dark horse of 2018
It will face clash with simbaa but you never know if ALR has done gud job then it could suprise
Rest all will just try to improve within themselves

answered by Production Accountant (24.2k points)
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I don't think Dwarf has any chance now for HGOTY as Simba will eat it's business.


No way that simbaa release 1wk later of dwarf..it is just a good move of srk..simbaa will not release it just block the date that no movie announce for this date..and look it works kedernath


@kent I think Simba will release as planned.

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Amar Prem are going to reign again I think. As we have seen for this entire decade, these guys are at the top of their game, and they are working harder than ever to ensure that they get even better.

As I have said before, SRK will continue to struggle.

While some of these other guys will score in such a way that SRK will be down among them, while Salman and Aamir stand far above the rest, like in 2016. The two biggest movies made 300cr+, and the third biggest movie was at 128cr.

Great use of GIFs by the way

answered by Unit Manager (35.9k points)
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Very nice use of gif bro.

Race3: 250cr. Remo is the sore point here, but Salman Khan is enough to take it to a huge total.

TOH: 350cr. Aamir and yrf plus big B. This will end up as the biggest blockbuster of the year.

Dwarf- 90-100cr No as some people feel I am not trolling SRK. He is in bad shape and with a huge number of cameos thrown in, it could again be a case of trying to make up for lack of susbtance. SRK will continue to struggle in 2018. He is at his lowest ebb.

Super 30: 100cr. It’s a small movie, an inspirational biopic. Hope WOM spreads well, this is more of an Akshay zone movie.

Akshay will have one 60cr and one 100cr grosser. Ranveer will get to 180cr again with Padmavati and simbaa will also do 150cr, I hate RS, but he is a huge brand name

answered by Producer (106k points)

Thunder a typical double standard shit guy... yesterday u were point error on boi commentary on x mas single screen business... nw ur giving boi commentary to prove kingu crushed kabil... are bhai doglapan ki hadh hoti hai...


Boi has always showed hatred towards Hrithik and Aamir. It's a universal fact. Its quite evident from their commentary.


@Commentary hata do, still 20 crs vs 8 crs

And regarding boi's ss on Christmas thing, i wouldn't have problem if boi explain that why do ss not behave on Christmas day as they behave on Eid or diwali acc to them


They didnt give ss reason or excuse right after x mas day they said 2 days before xmas that it wont be huge due to ss... nd that proved nw after 45.5cr sunday to 9cr dip to 36.5cr... wom isnt to negative to fall such low after being x mas holiday... so there might be a solid reason considerin mass movie... well for reason u could ask on qns section instead of doing drama yesterday ..

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Asli kaam toh amar prem kar rahe baki actor to bas apni.. ...

answered by Set Decorator (1.5k points)
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Haven't time to think for others but Race3 is potentially a Blockbuster

answered by Assistant Director (48.3k points)

Don't you think it is difficult for salman now giving blockbuster as his movies are sold very high to distributors..race 3 also need 280-300 cr for blockbuster..after record weekend we still not sure TZH will get blockbuster status..


That's why I used potentially

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Aamir and Salman with TOH and Race3 respectively will be ahead of others.

answered by Production Accountant (20.3k points)

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Super 30 will be highest grosser of the year, Baahubali, TZH, TOH, 2.0 all mega films are small in front of Super 30, i mean movie has Super in the name, and movie has the most perfect superstar.........i mean ex superstar in lead role.

ATG in overseas
ATBB in overseas

Remember the name S.U.P.E.R 30

answered by Mega Star (202k points)

Tb ticket book karwa lie south africa ke? Visa bhej diya tumhe abd ne?

2018 men aur lagni hai beta teri. Abhi SRK duba tha. Ab cricket ki prediction doobengi. I love to say all this for SRK....because I know you will come and comment on it. Why so angry? I feel its you who is pissed.


I have huge hopes on Super 30 man, i feel most perfect hero will come and shatter all records in existence..!!


Muh men ghee shakkar. Im expecting a top notch acting performance from HR. Ab sab koi SRK to hote nahi jo har movie men haath phaila ke khade ho jaayein.

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Competition was only between HOLIDAYS movies... ACTORS don't matter HGOTY & BB, ATBB possible only on EDX...
so competitors are RACE 3,TOH,DWARF,SIMHA, and one is exception like BAHUBALI 2 name is 2.0...
Only idiot can say PADMAVATI,Padman, HR next non holiday, RAID, DUTT biopic, will become HGOTY or will do Huge business compare to those EDX movies lolzzz

answered by Set Decorator (1.6k points)
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Aamir khan will rule 2018......
My prediction (only india nett)
TOH- 400+ cr ( Aamir khan Action)
Dwarf - 290cr ( ALR EROS Salman liked the script)
Race 3 - 280 cr ( Salman khan Action - Remo - daisy)
2.0 - 175cr
Padmavati -135 cr
Gold -110cr
Padman - 85cr
Aiyaary- 65cr
Hathi mere sathi- 55cr
Super 30 -50cr

answered by Production Accountant (25.7k points)
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Commenting just because the effort you put to create this post.

answered by Camera Operator (9.4k points)
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Great creativity

Only Ranbir is missing he should have been here

answered by Casting Director (19.9k points)
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Same 2014 case.......... Result hopefully will be same.

answered by Second Unit Director (73.8k points)
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Thugs of Hindostan - 350 Cr Verdict Blockbuster
Race -3 275 cr Verdict Blockbuster
Dwarf -150 cr Verdict Flop

answered by Producer (101k points)

Bhai Tubelight toh mere liye Flop hi hai . Itna Verdict ka kya soch rahe. 150 cr flop collection hi hoga Dwarf ke liye .BOI Verdict ke according likha deta hun tere Khushi ke liye


Aise to bahut saari movies hain jo flop & disaster hain but boi ne verdict nahi diya


Puneet yesterday salman khan in entertainment ki raat told that "agar 100 cr kamane ke baad bhi movie flop ho jaye toh bhagwan aisa flop sab ko de"


100 cr is nothing now for Salman And Aamir . Their movie gets sold at such huge price so 100 cr is a Flop collection for them .It all depends on price sold .Let Salman make a movie in 40 cr and sell it at 60 cr .It won't be a Flop at 100 cr