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+4 votes
There is lot of negativity for Race-3 but I Trust Salman and Scale of the movie would already be huge .I hope Race-3 has less action and there is more drama thrill comedy .I hope it's on the lines of Kick .We will see another Blockbuster Next Eid
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I am keeping my expectations low yet hoping for Remo to prove all the naysayers wrong. Let's see what product are they offering.

10 Answers

+1 vote

Also Don't forget Thugs, Perhaps the only movie that could take on Dangal next year...

by Second Unit Director (77.3k points)
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Thugs will be huge and most probably HGOTY next year

+1 vote

I want to see it. SK and AK combo is very much anticipated. Bobby se bhi jaise taise acting karwa lenge. Sk's stardom means 200cr to worst case men bhi hoga. I have doubts on remo. Hope he gives the kind of scale tzh got.

by Star (140k points)
+1 vote

I have High hopes from Race3 and no issue with Remo as Salman had never done movies with Rajamouli, Shankar, Yash ji ,Hirani etc before reaching megastardom

by Executive Producer (66.7k points)
0 votes

I am actually very excited for Race 3. Whatever is issue with the director is, it is just the kind of movie Salman knows how to do very well, I also saw that Sajid Nadiadwala is involved in some way, and that can only be good.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
0 votes

Aapke moonh me ghee-shakkar.... I hope that TZH turns out to be a huge blockbuster.

by Unit Manager (38.8k points)
0 votes

ok here we go..... for me personally race 3 is what tubelight was.... my anticipation for that movie is too much.... and regardless if its good or bad....i'm bound to like it....i liked tubelight....because i loved bajrangi bhaijaan far too much and was looking forward to tubelight... ..i'm gonna like race 3.....

reason is ...simple..... it has been almost 9 years since i have seen salman khan in a cool role....
all the roles salman khan has done post wanted....are mature or innocent roles.... and no cool role....
race 3 will have salman khan in a cool role.... wanted partner no entry are too long ago.
plus...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....let me just scream.....
SALMAN KHAN IN ALLAH DUHAI HAI....... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just imagine just freaking imagine for a moment.... the euphoria ...... the buzz that song will create with salman khan.....

by Star (153k points)
0 votes

Race 3 will be very good movie IRS action will be stylized and scale will be on par with and music will be biggest hit of the year and personally I don't have any doubts over Demo coz he has given good entertainers and will do justice to Race 3 fully

by Production Accountant (25.6k points)
0 votes

I actually have very less hope from Remo but no doubt collections will be huge.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
0 votes

Both Race 3 and Bharat will cross 300cr no doubt....I'm waiting for Salman - SLB film
only Salman film that has chance to break Dangal LT and enter 400cr club. Lets hope Salman rejects Dabangg 3

by Production Accountant (25.7k points)
–2 votes

In Race 3 all i want gud car chase n specially great bike chase like mission impoosible..only bike chase of salman wil give 50cr plus opening on holiday.. n should use gud i quality camera like hollywood movie with color correction work in post production wch lacked in tzh... gud suspense n drama... n want little negativd shadd from salman just like kick wher he points gun on jackline.... all this wil make race3 bb only worryin point is director n cast..

by Unit Manager (31.8k points)

Remo is only negative of Race 3 and Salman won't do negative shade as it is already mentioned.


Lucifer go and watch Jagga Jasoos. I remember how sad you were when people were bashing your favourite ranbir.


Jagga jasoos >>> Mojen jo daaro haha. Dugguarmy still a butthurt?


i never thought that you're competing with hny and fan. If that's your competition then i would say Congratulations @playboy.

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