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+5 votes
SRK hasn't delivered any HGOTY since last 10 years.

He hasn't delivered a single clean hit in last 4 years.
Even Choocha Varun Sharma is giving bigger grossers than SRK.

SRK runs away in fear of even Akki films.
in Trolls by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
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6 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

Srk fans ke ab aukat nahin rahi srk ke dum pe baat karne ke liye isliye bahubali aur Amir ke movies keep dum par bat karahe hai

by Location Scout (3.2k points)
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+3 votes

wow.... its good in a way ... if you wanna look at it through a bright side......
they have now become 3 billion 600 million and 39 in total.

by Star (154k points)

Good but expecting you to be stay in this forum & as usual give your 1000 , 5000 Cr prediction for race 3 instead of run away in shame like you usually do.


if you think that those 1000 5000 cr predictions won't come for any of future salman khan movies...than you are gravely mistaken....
and i will run away.... with pride..... not shame.... as there is not much for us on this forum after a salman khan movie releases..and we come back when it is time for his next..... but why are you staying here... on the forum... when aamir khan movie doesn't even come that often??!?!?!


Grandy ... your statement have a point but it only valid If leave forum for some days after Bajrangi Bhaijaan or sultan sucees but to run away after PRDP or Tubelight is clear indication of Shane which you can't face...


Coming to Aamir have no movie seriously Dangal which was Dec 2016 release still running in Taiwan , Hongkong & about to release in Russia/ Japan..
Secret Superstar even after a very small film manage to get a good release date in China January 19, 2018..
We also want to take some break but due to Aamir worldwide popularity not able to do that.

+2 votes

Probably,they have at last known that Salman Khan can't be matched by Shahrukh Khan

by Executive Producer (68.8k points)
0 votes

Or maybe SRK unfortunately does not had a movie in top non holiday list due to 2 movies which could had been on list faced clash

Now under that circumstances, from whome do srkians compare TZH with?? Dilwale..?? Or Raees..?? So naturally the comparison will be made with movies hich are in that list ie Baahubali, D3, Dangal etc

But i guess this logic is beyond bhai fans because they are bhai fans..!!

by Mega Star (214k points)

Bhai jo bolta hai uska mooh dikhta hai


Salman's highest Non-Holiday opener - 34cr

Srk's highest non holiday opener - 20cr.
Aur log non holiday ki baat kar rahe hai... Hahaha


Tabhi to bol raha hoon, we can't compare TZH with Dilwale or Raees, so that's why comparing TZH with D3 & BB2


Khud se nhi hotichhea toh dusro ke pichhe chhup jate ho... Hahaha... Even Choocha Varun Sharma fans will not do that.

0 votes

SRK needs to sign a universal movie and he will be back on track.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
–4 votes

No way. You Salman fans always need Amirians help to degrade SRK and us lol. Now they have turned against you guys. No need to cry!!!!!

by Star (149k points)

As far as I remember before Salman - Srk fight in 2008 , Salman condition is like Kya bolu even Kaki Sawant bhi maar ke chali jati thi.
So if those 33 fans help Salman to revived his career then it is a big achievement I think..
What say Bhagodha boy.


i think its not about the size.... its about how you use it....
we used 33 people in a way that tackled 3.6bil pretty darn well......

but.... aamir khan fans are being treated like pendulum .....

is se yaad aamir khan fans are being used by salman khan fans and srk fans.... tum aamir khan fans k liye main aik gaana dadicate karna chaahunga... please enjoy


Since last Friday (TZH release) many SRKians are hiding behind Dhoom3 and Aamir Aamir. Today some of the SRKians are making posts licking Aamirians.


@Grand nova ... as I said earlier 33 fans contribute huge for Salman career actually they saved to become 1 of the big boss contestant and as we believe in neki Kar aur dariye me daal..
So chhodh Jane de tere to uper se hi nikla hoga aur waise bhi bas 2-4 din Ka mehman hai ab Tu.

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