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Christmas is not a good holiday for movie as Single Screens don't perform on Christmas like they do on Diwali & Eid..!!

So why do you think this happens..??
SS audience don't get holiday on Christmas
SS audience celebrate Christmas that they just celebrate in their homes
Ticket rates in SS increases 20.57 times on Christmas
is declared that if people watch movies on Christmas, they are anti national (only applicable to SS audience)
BOI ka dimaag kharab ho gaya hai
Source Link: BOI
in Trolls by Mega Star (213k points)
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No. They just go by the trend of ticket sales. Probably with the limited number of shows single screens get permit for & the huge number of shows ensuring higher trend in multiplexes anyways makes single screen figures to look lower.

Lastly, they are the ones with proper estimated for single screen collection & multiplex collection for all those biggies. They have a better sense of Judgment when it comes to trend comparison between single screens & multiplexes. Further, A centers single screens vs B & C centers vs high end multiplexes..

So, don't worry they're aware of what they predict. That is the beauty of tracking the trade. The factors you need to consider & the factors you get to deal with just never stops getting interesting.


Does boi said christmas is not a big holiday? Nope they didn't..they just said in christmas single screen is not perform as good as multiplex but they perform good.. Now they give example of some film that perform better in multiplex and said TZH is not going to perform as good as these movies because it is more single screen christmas day is not going to as big as did not understand this or saying these in frustation?


Yes they are very well aware what they predict , well Ghajini & Dhoom 3 both released on same period and despite of mass oriented movie worked well (and interestingly like countless factors which will be seen only at the time of Bhaijaan film release) this is never said by them before.


"This will affect Tiger Zinda Hai more than a Dangal, PK or Bajirao Mastani as it has a higher ratio of business coming from single screens than those films."

Clearly explained in their article. Afterall single screens for a Salman Khan biggie perform at an altogether different than the rest.

Anyways I expect sustained collections to come in from multiplexes than single screens for Tiger Zinda Hai.


Yes for Christmas excuse it is single screens which is contributing for Tzh but to show Tzh > Dhoom 3 first day modified the calculation in their own way , but itna to chalta hai Bhai ko top pe Jo rakhna hai.


@deepak is that a rule? Why didn't you say that before? Forgot how much was PK's collection in single screens compared to Kick?

This single screen factor is highlighted for a reason. So a 2008 movie's article didn't mention it. What's the big deal? Dhoom 3 & CE, how much was their single screen share? Simplifying further, Aamir, Salman & Shah Rukh, who has been frequently superior & consistent in single screen business?

World doesn't work on Khans fans basis neither does it revolve around the same. When it's trade tracking, numbers are anyday bigger & 8important than any individual. Just coz the star system is prevalent in India, you get to see articles highlighting the stars. Otherwise it would been production house & the film, period.


@deepak and their two days collections are estimates which will be revised. Not a big deal.

As if it's even a challenge for Salman to claim no.1 slot as far as domestic box office is concerned.


Suhas you know very well that rule was always meant to be broken like BOI always do with day 1 ...
Ok leave this single screens Christmas bullshit but for opening show they compare Tzh Vs Dangal (but for them it was action movie who always open well but not grows in evening show but to prove Salman big they make comparisons between dangal Vs Tzh opening show)..
When Dangal was 1st Bollywood film to cross 1000 Cr then their reaction was Dangal 1st film to score 1000 Cr but but but because Baahubali already happened so 1000 Cr now nothing matter so why Salman movie comparison was not made with Baahubali..


Suhas with comparison of commercial movie Salman is not able to beat Aamir and that is clearly visible from data we have in recent years..
Don't know about you but for BOI now its seems more than a challenge to put Salman on top.


When was it Salman vs Aamir? It's the films that are being compared to analyse the trend, occupancy & collections.

For each film there's a specific set of factors that are to be considered, few common & few specific. Just because they highlighted the single screen dominance of Salman Khan for this decade doesn't mean it shouldn't be raised just coz his films performance last decade was below the mark. They aren't highlighting the single screen factor just coz a Wanted or Dabangg set an example of dominance.

So, an actor or actor's films being at the top or down is due to those factors. Not their name. May be for viewership, trending, the tone of their articles can be say scripted. But not the facts which again show up on the numbers. And it is those factors which confirm why a 315cr grosser is the most loved than 374cr grosser. It doesn't undermine the film, it just talks about what the facts dictate. Undermining or over praising a film is for individuals perspective or fans perspective. Honestly, it doesn't mean anything for the numbers.


If always films was compared then why not Tubelight was compared to Dangal as both are equal to compare like no actress , no heroism but because that time Salman have nothing to compare that's why BOI use a full page article where they can bash Kabir khan & save Salman..
A 315 grosser is most loved with all the external factors they can create but for Dangal no factor was even counted (demonatization , intolerance negativity)...
No doubt about Salman dominance over single screens audience but for multiplex it is Aamir who is undoubtedly way ahead of others..
And for every film they have factors but strangely it is always negative for Aamir while excuse/positive for Salman..


@deepak ... Aamir doesn't carry a image like Salman or Shah Rukh does. It's just the hard truth. While that's a boon to Aamir, kinda curse for the other two Khans. That's why Aamir can play an old father in an event film. Something other two can't do yet. That's where the fan following comes to importance, which is where even trade declares Aamir has more admirers due to his script selection. Reason why you talk about fans & other two Khans in a single sentence but even media doesn't do it for Aamir. (Don't read as Aamir has no fans blah blah.) My point is simple, Aamir has to concentrate on living upto his promise & brand of making good films without having to bear the pressure of pleasing fan bases or maintain the image.

So if you see bash on Kabir Khan & save Salman part. They only highlighted on what not to do having Salman in the lead. Pleasing audience that way isn't possible. Breaking through the image (again not action but persona) isn't easy. Tubelight wasn't desi enough was the complaint. The problem was in the choice of the script for an actor with stronger image. You don't give Newton to Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan. Not that Khans are culprits, they're just too big.

Aamir his entire career balanced that. He failed in Mela & immediately learner he cannot have an image. He succeeded towards late 2000. It's too late for the Khans to change their image now. Just how much it is difficult for Akshay to change as he too is dwindling between action & comedy. One he was introduced with & one which he developed in early 2000.

Now what you make of the articles, use it as fan bashing or praising is your business. BOI or any media sites don't give 2 cents about it. All they care is whether you clicked on the article, read it & shared it. You are free to talk negative or positive, they got you reading & their job is done.


And Bahubali vs Dangal. They're harsh yes. But Indian market is anyday important than China's. One market benefits everyone while the other new found market only benefits one actor's films. Once bollywood regularly earns China release then they'll speak of Dangal or any Aamir starrers there. 3-4 films won't change the scenario & even now PK or Dangal haven't changed the scenario yet. The result / impact is still awaited. Until or unless other Bollywood films take advantage of it, those big collections will remain one film's achievement in "dubbed" version & not "Hindi" film's achievement. You're complaining about BOI, I don't see trade & other media that excited about it either. What you found couple of articles & you believed trade is supportive? Honestly do you really see trade celebrating China collection? Then why blame BOI when your entire industry is behaving the same?

It's right there for you to see.


Suhas it's not about image or anything , Salman always make film for masses that's why his acceptability is visible..
For Aamir he is accepted in every image Rome that is where the actual fanbase reflected .
It's not like for Bajrangi Bhaijaan where movie got viewer due to content but the credit given to Salman but if movie failed style is not what audience want for a Salman film.
Coming to Mela , it was opened to very good response but later due to poor WOM didn't work in lifetime but to say that because of this Aamir changed his image is absolutely wrong otherwise no reason for Aamir to do a movie like Dhobi ghat after 3 idiots & Ghajini...
Coming to your last parts it's not like whatever BOI write we have to agree on that just because they are blindly supporting Salman that's why you guys are simply defending them even knowing from inside that they are wrong..
If they will start giving credit if his opening to masala or other factors then your reaction will be same as of mine.


Aamir can fit in characters. Not carry an image. His image if you have to say is to provide good content. That's the general audience opinion which he enjoys. When you hear Bhai ki film, Srk ya King Khan ki film the emotion is totally different than when you hear Aamir ki film. But this strong goodwill he currently owns puts his films stand apart as well as stand tall from the previous mentioned sentiment associated with other two Khans. Aamir makes audience celebrate his films while audience will choose to celebrate the actor or superstar than the film or character in case of other two Khans.

Mela is a perfect example because of that. Script was dud & heavily relied on starpower & star image. Star power ensured the opening but lack of image let bad wom prevail. What was Mela otherwise? He was playing the talkative Dharmendra whereas his brother played the silent Amitabh in that "inspired" recreation of Sholay. Sadly he couldn't bring in the much needed image into play.

That's why Lagaan, DCH, RDB, Fanaa, TZH all ensured he was devoid of an image. Would any top actor show the guts to play a terrorist like he did in Fanaa? That's why he didn't get carried away with Ghajini. He knew the craze/hype would work but won't create an image for him. Not after 21 years of career. You don't get to create an image after so long. Even Salman succeeded in the action genre in 2009 fully but he was consistently trying since 90s.

Aamir's character study in movies is pretty transparent & so are his colleagues. Regarding image, see why TZH is getting this response. It's the image into play. And he's not playing a child like innocent character like he did in his last 3 films or even Kick where he just played an immature crazy guy for half the film. His character complements his image. Tubelight completely robbed him off his image, even Kyun Ki had some lover boy image in first half but Tubelight just presented him in a way audience never wanted to see him.


If Mela was all about power then what about jai ho why it was failed , Salman heroism avatar failed because other thing was not in favour of him...
Coming to Aamir script sense power yes agree with this as audience trust him blindly but that is not the only thing to people to go for opening day /weekend where Salman failed from 1st day 1st show with Tubelight...


And here is discussion about BOI favouring Salman and it's not like who does any type of re better or master with action image....
Tubelight was acid test for Salman which he failed completely as the movie was down from 1st show so if you can only score when all thing is in your favour then it's a big shame for BOI to support a actor like this..
Be it following, respect , trust or any other thing the actor duty is to bring audience to the theater on his name so no in this case you can't say that a actor only deliver with action image because Bajrangi Bhaijaan was also not like typical Salman film but because it succed so present it as Salman film while Tubelight as director failure.


Want to compare Mela vs Jai Ho?

Jai Ho as a product was let down. Who said Salman let down anything? He filled that movie with everything audience expect from him. Tubelight was outright rejected for not having anything one expects from a Salman film.

Put Aamir in Dhobhi Ghat or Talaash making it a festival release. Nothing will happen to the movie. Whereas Dhobhi Ghat will be rejected like it was, Talaash would face harsher response / negativity from the audience. It's all about giving the right film on the right date. Let's see how TOH fares away from the x-mas date. After the real test begins as Aamir is said to be distancing from all production houses for his own home production.

PK or Dangal would be same if not for the X-Mas release? It's the same for Salman's eid release. Not that films are undermined, they scored on the business front with the opportunity given where as 170-180cr window was raised above 300cr. That is what festival releases offer & Khans with their stardom achieve while others get content with 100-150cr.

You don't have to sell me the star's image theory. Neither have to re-inspect what went wrong with Jai Ho, Tubelight, Talaash etc.


You take away Veer, Salman has delivered 100cr grossers throughout. Bigger figures aren't achieved when the film hasn't taken charge from the stardom. Remove Salman from tubelight that 100cr was just an impossibility.


Dhobi ghat was not like jai ho a commercial release , atleast with Aamir cameo people comes to the theater with Salman it was not even get a proper release and he himself not show courage to do a movie like that...
If jai ho was a letdown product then what do you think Mela as masterpiece.
Coming to TOH you are saying as it's Christmas which is reason for Aamir success all other tried their luck on festivals but everyone failed Salman with TZH is also not doing good what a franchise movie do.
You also don't have to convince me how boi is doing balancing thing with correct calculation as time to time with their manipulation & Salman bachao theories /real value they exposed big time.


Dhobhi Ghat was not compared with Jai Ho.

Jai Ho being a let down product plus overpriced still managed that 109cr. Mela on the other hand bombed badly. While Salman carried Jai Ho, Aamir was incapable of doing the same with Mela due to lack of that persona or screen image. Mela didn't had what Ghulam had.

Dhobhi Ghat hardly got an audience. As if Salman hasn't done cameos or extended appearances. Those are almost same as Aamir's full fledged roles film in his first two decades. Like I said, Aamir can get away with that. On the other hand you'll have bunch of angry audience feeling cheated for having sold a movie in the name of Salman & having him in a small role. Difference lies in there. Not every film is No Entry.

I didn't say Christmas as the reason for his success. That's your perception not mine. All I mentioned was the release period. Diwali gives you the best day for business (1 day) & continues with weekdays where the days behave like any other normal day very quickly than an Eid or Christmas release. I am talking business. If you think date is the source for success then not my problem.

I am just sharing my views. Believing it or not is not even the point. Tomorrow BOI praises Aamir & Dangal then also it's pointless. Because bollywood itself isn't giving it any extra credit. In the end, trade matters not what one article said. And all your anger is on BOI for not praising without realising the industry itself isn't .


Lol what you said is not convincing even Bhai fans feel it hard to digest Salman who is with commercial film not able to get the number what is done by Aamir commercial release & here you are talking about Salman offbeat film to get Aamir normal film numbers hahaha hahahahaha seriously as he is dare to do such type of roles we all see his humiliation he faced in 2000-09 decade..
No I am not angry with BOI for their phutiyapa but I am not a fool person to accept their bullshit...
Jai ho was letdown product still earn 109 Cr hahaha hahahahaha you are saying as it wom was RGV ki Sholay or Aamir Mela was as big flop like Marigold , Hello aur shaadi karke mar Gaya Yaar..
I am not here to bash Salman but if someone tries to use absurd logic to put down Aamir then we are not so fools & we also have some trade knowledge, the same trade question about stardom when Tubelight failed badly and yes BOI still worked as shield for Salman that time & even as of now they are doing the same.
Salman is already get away by a 100 distributor loss film which was not declare a flop by BOI charsi admin then do you actually think that someone goes even lower than that.


What offbeat film was expected to do Aamir's commercial figures?

What humiliation in 2000-2009? He was working non-stop each those years? Why would he be humiliated? Don't pull me down into those useless talk those jobless hacks have.

I was not putting down Aamir anywhere in the above comments. You keep cribbing about BOI not praising while I am happy with realisation of the industry itself will not give proper credit to his films China business, using those movies to gain publicity but ultimately treat them as non-Hindi films only. I'm witnessing trade doing this for years now. Even Dangal hasn't changed. Keep believing the tweets. I will wish those tweets to have some impact on reality.

Yes, Tubelight gave an opportunity to question his stardom. tiger Zinda hai was solely made for that reason. Earn money & shut those naysayers. It has done the job it was destined to.

100cr distributor loss. Well it's business. They made up. The same distributors continue their association with him. Let me know when distributors boycott Salman okay. I see business as business only. My livelihood has no impact due to that. Aamir or Salman I was still arguing based on facts. If you want to turn this into useless fan thing, make up your mind. I can argue on facts and business. No time for fans thing. Too grown up for that.


The problem with you Suhas you are giving full page lecture on fan fight but your reply , logic giving wrong indication...
Salman restricted to a single image failed whenever try something different- power of Bhai fan are so obsessed that he can't see him in simple role on the other hand Aamir with different type role giving huge blockbuster/grosser - Aamir can't stick to hero type image...
Wtf is this I am not argue on such facts but if someone like BOI bark nonsense then we are always here to reply on such absurd logic.


Well I wouldn't call it a problem. that's how I prefer to present my views. And my views have nothing to do with fan fight.

Salman is not restricted to one image. All that is expected is to present him through larger than life character however simpler the character might be. If one wants to work with him then they have to consider this. Every actor has his rules. Even Aamir does.

You don't agree with BOI is your issue. I am just here presenting the ideology behind those articles. Hero worship or not, no actor is bigger than money when it comes to trade/business. So your Aamir bashing or Salman praising stuff only works for social media banter. In real world, that has no place. Even the fan bases are funded & well used by the management teams of every actor.

For any BOI article, fan thing has no place. It's just numbers. Past present & future.


Well I already said before the day BOI start giving Salman success to masala or action stuff Salman fans reaction will be same what we are facing now...
Like for Dangal Sunday figure will be lebelled as wom let's see what they have to say how as net figure trend is almost same for TZH , Salman power or wom power.
Obviously you have your own theories to defend that bullshit also but sorry I am not interested any bullshit related to BOI phutiyapa.


Why should fans be unhappy with any statement? Let's say, someone thinking like you writes an article crediting masala films for the success. So be it, there are no stars other than Salman to reap such success in so called masala. And Salman is the only actor to revive single screen business for the rest of the Bollywood. Crediting masala or action don't take any credit away from Salman. Because what he consistently achieved, others haven't.

And not my problem, if you're insecurity about wom getting the credit. Better sense would make you happy that an Aamir starrer is the one earning such good wom that too frequently. And it's sad claiming to be a fan you would be insecure enough to get frustrated on these petty misconstrued things.


Wow, you guys are still going,chalo aacha hai, continue..!!


@TB care to join in? Ofcourse won't come closer to me & Baadshah's arguments but we still can try for 3 figure. What say? 100 comments ho jaye?


I would join once you huys slow down, to extend the convo

BTW which argument between you & Baadshah..??


Suhas no one is denying Salman dominance for single screens & do not have a problem when BOI mention it but it can't be like for success you write a full page for praise but when film didn't work come up with full page excuses..
Coming to insecurity for what just because charsi BOI is not mentioning it seriously when Aamir sir himself not take such thing seriously then why we thought for it so much but still if we think there is any problem in someone article (if by mistake then it's may be ignored but if someone do it purposely again & again then it is our duty to raise a voice againat him) ...
Coming to salman is the only actor who revive single screen ye to kuch jyada hi hoga because he himself struggled for a decade when single screen actually in a trouble face.


So JHMS article was an excuse? Those articles were about the film's content & how it was a wrong selection for the bigger star.

This is what I am saying. You're reading the article & trying to understand it as a fan. This fan thing has no place in trade. When you read 44cr for TZH, Salman or 41cr for Dangal, Aamir. You give importance to the star & film. For a trade website, only 44cr & 41cr matters, all importance is for that & then follows the analysis in terms of content & what star power contributed or benefited.

And there's no exaggeration about reviving single screens. The business he brings in, none others do when it comes to single screens. Until Dabangg, single screens were waiting to be revived badly. Simple.


It's not about content , Tubelight was rejected from first day first was rejected by fans why they didn't gave it chance & then rejected if you answer is they didn't found it as Salman film then sorry it is actually the masala which is the selling point instead of Salman..
Dabangg was the film which gave some respite to single screens but in 2002-05 where the actual need of good film for single screens but sadly that time Salman was suffering even more than single screens theater.
Coming to your 44 , 41 theory yes they do (trade sites) but here we are talking about BOI who write it as Salman popularity make a huge impact & took single screens to another level & for Aamir 41 (which is actually bigger than or equal to Tzh 44 Cr) , film was appreciated & because it is actually where these type of film score (so where is the mention of multiplex pull of Aamir which is at moment way ahead of others)..


Why would give any chance to Tubelight which never gave them the Salman they demand / yearn for? Let alone fans, even general audience demanded the Salman they expect to see. Masala? The point is Salman is important than script. That's the rule to be followed. This is the reason why a BB or Sultan doesn't come often. Aamir doesn't want to be chosen above script. He gets a Dhoom 3, immediately he ensures such mistake doesn't happen with his next films. How much more transparent can this get.

2002-2005 or till 2009, let alone Salman, no other actor revived single screens & there existed blockbusters at that time too.

And Salman's popularity is definitely unquestionable. Not my problem if anybody claiming to be an Aamir fan is too prude to admit that openly. They try to show off to be an intellectual & calling themselves an admirer than fan. Again that's also the way it is created. Aamir is big name but he's not the one with big fan base. He's the one with the highest number of admirers at this point. You seriously believe he has more fans than Srk in India? Ground reality is far different.


Salman is important above scrip no that only reserve for Rajnikant (but even he also need script but still his movie never rejected like Tubelight from 1st show)..
Aamir get Dhoom 3 & then he realize his mistake , you are saying as it was big flop or he have feared to get rejected if he try something like that , first of all he is aamir khan who never afraid to try different image as he is complete actor & give value to his fans unlike who is forced to do masala due to his restrictions of as an actor the reason why he choose Tubelight because of Bajrangi Bhaijaan success as he also afraid to lose all his fans is he keep continue masala film again & again but just because his fans doesn't give any value to Salman (as script was not important) so now Salman is back to his usual masala stuff.
He have more or less fans compare to Srk in India , well who am I to judge this as they both are actors & their stardom is clearly visible from their box office number & here I am not talking about 1 or 2 movies.


Everybody needs a script. No actor is above script. Here the superstar persona towers over in India. You named Rajinikanth, that's the same with Salman in Hindi. That's the pattern they carefully followed post Wanted.

No, you read it like that about dhoom 3. I meant it positively. Aamir wants to speak from his work alone. Dhoom 3 was all style no substance. Aamir dislikes that part as he has carefully built a trust for over decades with the audience presenting the substance. He won't let a Dhoom 3 take away all that. PK & Dangal were well thought off to be the followed up films after Dhoom 3. And that is the reason why TOH is coming, a full on massive budget extravaganza. Aamir knows to balance.

In the 90s Aamir was all afraid his image. Late 90s he broke free of that fear by choosing not to hold onto any image. Action image was not possible as even Salman was struggling. Romance image was owned by Shah Rukh & it was impossible for anybody to survive or even face him in that image post DDLJ. 1947 Earth didn't happen overnight. Aamir was careful learning to balance between a Ishq & Mann with that of Sarfarosh & Ghulam. Mela was the final nail in the coffin & Lagaan changed his perception forever.

You see, only masala is not the reason. You only see this as a fan. For me movies are a deeper emotion. A vast subject to study. I didn't do a film course just to throw away money. I did my course coz I love it. You only read between lines. I study & present the facts. Actor's job is to act, do whatever the director asks them to. Superstar has to think further as that is part of our film culture & audience sentiment.

In the end, you spend crores of money on a story & you want people to watch it. To make people watch it you ensure you tell the story in a way they want to listen. So the PK & Dangal were the dumbed down 70s narration style which again a BB or Sultan had. Even Aamir experiments only with Secret Superstar or Dhobi Ghat or even Talaash. Rest, for his event films he follows old school bollywood style to please the audience. In case of PK, Raju's style complimented. In case of Dangal, Aamir made Nitish to narrate that way.


No need to write a full page lecture just say two magical words which is enough to prove doodh Ka doodh & paani Ka paani...


What doodh ka doodh, Paani ka Paani? So didn't use that word for previous Christmas release & suddenly it's a crime? It will do the same overseas business which is expected out of it. And it is facing the same factors PK or Dangal did. Not a big deal that they didn't mention it before.


Yes not a big deal all the excuses one by one open for Salman starrer it may be just coincidence but only for those who have no mind to believe on such things..
BOI are blindly helping Salman & that is clearly visible doesn't matter how bad you trying to believe yourself & us but the fact remain same which is known to everyone.

8 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Their commentary is hilarious, how can we understand when even they don't know what are they saying?
Their statements changes every week. Voted for last option.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
selected by
+4 votes

Last option. There is no other reliable option hence we follow this stupid site. I always say this. They are cheerleaders. Not professionals. Their commentary is idiotic to say the least

by Director (140k points)

Actually their commentary was to the point in that article. TB didn't make sense out of it that's all.


Yes, i didn't made sense on a stupid statement

See I'm not asking what is happening, I'm asking why..??

They mentioned that SS won't be like eid or diwali, they didn't explained why..?? I mean there must be a reason for SS to not perform on chrustmas holiday like they do in eid & diwali..??


They are pathetic site that's why BOI owner Harvinder has a chat with Karan Johar and is followed by every Industry Trade Guy in Bollywood .Karan Johar recently said Harvinder understands ABCD of Bollywood movie business and knows everything regarding business


"This will affect Tiger Zinda Hai more than a Dangal, PK or Bajirao Mastani as it has a higher ratio of business coming from single screens than those films."

Here it was, well explained. Probably one should ask them in their q&a for a breakdown of multiplex share & single screen share for an Eid, diwali & Christmas release.

Coz it's not hard to realise they already have that data to make such a statement. Nobody sells information for free.

The point is made extremely clear in those lines.

+1 vote

So why u are so obsessed with box-office India and Salman khan. But what ever it's TZH crushed JHMS in just 2days

by Location Scout (3k points)


Tubelight crushed JHMS in 3.5days itself


Imran its 3days for tubelight


Yes OK bro

+1 vote

Add one option more as all the rights are reserved by us & we can changed it anytime according to bhaijaan movie demand.

by Director (129k points)

Not bhaijaan movie, but bhaijaan money


Haan... BOI, Indicine, Koimoi etc sab fake hai. Bas Red Chillies calculator and Baba Gurmeet's calculator hi sahi h puri duniya me... Hahaha

+1 vote

Still boi is only site available

by Set Decorator (1.7k points)

Exactly and that's why we follow that site but their commentary is not good.

+1 vote

I voted for anti national option.

by Director (123k points)
+1 vote

c'mon ... just because srk has evolved from a star to a black hole .... doesn't mean you will shift your loyalties to a group of 39 (early estimate) folks.... !!

by Star (153k points)
0 votes

Mana ki Global ki Srk.....
-- hasn't delivered any HGOTY since last 10 years.
-- hasn't delivered a single clean hit in last 4 years
-- Choocha Varun Sharma is giving bigger grosser than him.
-- Runs away in fear of Akki starrers, even.
Iska matlab kya Aamir and Aamir fans k chatne laoge? Kuch toh loyalty dikhao 3.7 b people...

by Unit Manager (38.7k points)

whoa.... 3.6 billion dummies licking up 39 people.... that will lead to earth shattering opening. hahaha

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